Hello, everyone 

 Questions and answers!!

  (1) What I know about uptrennd?

Uptrennd is a social media platform that enables you to earn and learn through commenting and quality posts.

The token gotten from uptrennd is called 1up.

(2) The things which I like most on Uptrennd?

I like the format in which uptrennd operates and that's prohibiting plagiarism and spam as it will help to raise quality trenndians.

(3) The things which I don't like on Uptrennd?

As a bloody newbie, I don't like it when my post is spammed. Apart from this, all that concerns Uptrennd is the best.

(4) You are finding which thing on Uptrennd?

I am finding Uptrennd 1up and I am becoming crazy about it. Uptrennd 1up is my target.

(5) The best Uptrennd user according to me?

Hmmm, it's difficult to say because they're surplus. But Emaan Ali seems to be the best.

(6) The change which I want on Uptrennd?

I want Uptrennd 1up to equal to $1. Apart from that, no more no less.

(7) The best gift/memory I got from Uptrennd?

The best gift I have gotten so far is the UU bandana that I received from @TigerLily.

(7) The best person to whom I met on Uptrennd?

Hmmm,  it's difficult for me to say, because I've met with thousands and they are all gorgeous. But @Tiger Lily ​is the one who has made a positive impact on me. 

(8) Which lesson I got through my mistake on Uptrennd?

The best lesson I have learned so far is to avoid all that concerns plagiarism, spam, and to become creative and better commenter.

(9) What I learned through using the worldwide platform (Uptrennd)

Through Uptrennd I have learned much and am becoming more versatile on how to exchange currencies and the necessity of expanding my knowledge.

(10) How Uptrennd brought positivity to my life?

Since I joined the Uptrennd platform I am becoming more creative than I used to be and I have acquired some knowledge about cryptocurrencies.

My most profound gratitude goes to @Emaan Ali for initiating this giveaway contest. It's just like an interview

 To participate click on Emaan Ali​​​

                    Thank you 




Shahid Iqbal
05 Jan

I agree to all these facts about the uptrennd. I also think the same facts about the uptrennd. No one spams here without some newbies. Here creatively is encouraged and spam and paligrism is strictly discouraged... I like it very much 


O.P iykman
05 Jan


I am glad you concurred with my points. 

Exactly, it is only the newbie but guardians are trying all their best to stop them.

Thanks for your comments 


Bright David
05 Jan

I was thinking no one will be submitting an entry today but you proved me wrong.. This is an awesome entry for the contest and I wish you all the best. 

Indeed you have answered these question the best possible way anyone can. I can relate so much to the answers you provided because I think we share the same mind when it comes to what uptrennd is all about, what it taught me and what I am finding in uptrennd... Haha... Nice one 


O.P iykman
05 Jan

Hahaha!! I was able to post mine now because I have nothing doing at home today lol.

Of course, the idea of when Uptrennd is all about must connect.

Thank you so much, I appreciate your comments.


Adetola Muheez
05 Jan

Great entry buddy.

I like your choice of words n selection of best,you did great.

Wish u luck in d contest..my entry too coming soon


O.P iykman
05 Jan

Oh! Thanks a lot for your kind words, buddy!! 

I appreciate your comments 


Merit Ahama
05 Jan

🙄 So you don't want to see me too right? 🤭😂 Even I want to see ma'am @Tiger Lily.

That bandana is a really awesome gift from uptrennd, I hope I will get mine soon too. 

Nice entry or should I say interview? All the best friend. 


O.P iykman
05 Jan

Hahaha!! Of course, you know I want to use you!!

Hmmm, the bandana is gorgeous I also wish you receive yours sooner.

I appreciate your comments 







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