Have You Really Heard About Dtube? Have You Heard Of The Avalon Blockchain? Have You Heard Of DTC?

Have You Really Heard About Dtube? Have You Heard Of The Avalon Blockchain? Have You Heard Of DTC?

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In separate videos, I will begin to talk about 'https://d.tube' to fully explain it. The Dtube project will also be featured in a ‘no-book’ that I am currently writing, the first no-book covering the niche of cryptocurrency.

I haven’t used Dtube much more recently like I used to, due to health problems and having had to cater to my dad 24/7 who was ill and who has passed away recently.

Days ago, I have had to re-look at 'Dtube', being that I am featuring it in my 'no-book' and it has really advanced its mission and its vision is indeed grand.

'Avalon', Dtube's native blockchain is revolutionary too. It has an interesting dynamics, giving it a separate identity from the likes 'Hive or Steem', all social-based blockchains. Its reward-distribution model is innovative.

Dtube has already welcomed 'interoperability' long before the cryptosphere became ready for it and this is admirable.
The subject of 'interoperability' has long hampered the scalability of 'blockchain and cryptocurrency' and only recently did the world of cryptocurrency become ready for it.

Un-coincidentally, 'interoperability' is oblivious reason for the recent cryptocurrency price-boom and to a grander measure than trends like 'Defi, Oracles, Polkadot, NFT etc'.

In a coming video, will also look at ‘DTC’, the native currency of the 'Dtube' platform, which is currently labelled 'DTUBE' on outlets like 'coingecko.com'.

The DTUBE coin is currently an ETH-based token hence it is listed on Uniswap. In eventuality it is likely to become a currency native to the Avalon blockchain.

The DTUBE coin is also enlisted on an exchange called IONOMY. Its current price is around 0.3$

Dtube is one of the few 'blockchain-based video-sharing platforms' out there.

Their ambition, even innovation-wise, is admirable and inspirational, considering that they have thrived in an crypto-era that didn’t welcome 'interoperability among blockchains', to see a time when they are spearheading interoperability.

Currently, Dtube interoperates with 3 other blockchains.

Altogether, you can interact with '4 blockchains' via ‘https://d.tube’ i.e Hive, Steem, Ethereum and well 'Avalon'.

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