Have you experienced Late night hungar ???

hello Trenndians,

Whenever is try to sleep my tummy says. " hey buddy go to fridge ". 

Most people surely experienced last night hunger in their life. Having appetite is not bad but during bed and in winters is very difficult to leave your warm bed which you have warmed after hours of struggling. Lol.. 

Once it gets cold, it take hours to get warm again but sleep with empty stomach also hurts. I always sacrifice my warm bed for my empty stomach that never satisfied. Lol😂 

​Having warm bed is a Veryyy big blessing in winters but with empty stomach is not that cool.  😁

Have you ever experienced late night hunger?  



Blessing Akpan
27 Nov

So many times than I can count, I like staying up late which is one of the reasons I always experience this, since my body is awake it needs nourishment, during those times


Williams Afolabi
27 Nov

It's not easy to go to bed with empty stomach, in fact it has happened to me before, and I know what it takes not to eat anything to sleep. It's even advisable to miss lunch than to miss dinner


Saman Aslam
27 Nov

Hahahaha, I often have this experience. When I'm working late at night or waking up for some other reason I get hungry sometimes I don't have anything to eat. 😜😜😜


Vincent Isibor
27 Nov

Wow! In fact that is what I am experiencing now. I came back home late & I was not too feeling hungry. I just felt I could go through the night without eating but now I am just feeling hungry and can't just wait for daybreak. Kai.


Glenn Duran
27 Nov

For me it is early morning hunger as I usually try to sleep until after midnight, invariably around three, I get up to see what I can find to eat.


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