Have you ever seen your own fianc get engaged to someone else?

I know you have a lot of people like me who are wondering how it is possible for our fianc to become someone else's?

 And the fianc who gave us so much love and the fianc with whom we promise to live our whole lives. And the fianc with whom we gave our last breath to him.

 And a man with whom you have been in a love affair for the last four years. And a fianc for whom you have been working day and night so that you can have a good future.

 but alas

 That person leaves us at such a point in life and grabs someone else's hand. Cat and ends all relations with us and goes into someone else's arms.

 It is a different matter that if a person does not want to live with us, we cannot force him to stay with us. He may even say that we can no longer have a loving relationship with you. Or even say that. Maybe we don't want to be engaged to you. We want to separate from you.

 But no

 It is the nature of some people to bite, they are always born to bite like a snake, maybe. It hurts a lot, man, if someone hurts himself.

 This is exactly what happened to a friend of mine.

 My friend loved a girl very much and somehow he persuaded his family that I want to marry him and his family agreed.

 And both were engaged.

 The two were living a very happy life but suddenly the distance between them began to grow. The boy was always waiting for his phone call when his phone call would come. My name is only a month or two after the girls. Used to call

 But the boy always talked to his family on the second or third day.

 Here I want to say that the boy who was not rich financially, he was just a normal person.

 He also talked to this girl 1 week ago and the boy from his family was very happy that my fianc loves me and we will get married soon.

 But destiny accepted something else.

 Yesterday evening at about 6:15 pm when he saw the WhatsApp status, he was very surprised and very upset.

 What he sees is that his fianc is getting married to a non-male. At the same time he was shocked to know that the girl was also very happy to me when she was getting married.

 The boy could not bear the pain and yesterday he fell to the ground. He was taken to the hospital in a state of unconsciousness. However, the boy's condition is still very bad.

 All I want to say is that if you don't want to be with someone, make it clear to them. Don't deceive anyone. This showy love of yours can ruin someone's whole life.

 All we ask is that we pray for hir, may Allah grant hir a speedy recovery and may he soon forget the unfaithful girl who betrayed him.

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Endeme Tariah
01 Mar

It's indeed a pity...most times such harsh experience leaves you in a state of trauma and depression...I have been throw that painful experience before and it's not funny at all...It led me into taking rat poison which sent me into coma for three weeks plus... People must learn to be sincere, I see no reason why you would accept someone's engagement and still turn to hurt the person with such betrayal. The shame and trauma is so unbearable. My heart and prayers goes out to him, I pray God gives him someone far better like he did for me.

Saqib has donated 5 points to Endeme Tariah 1 month ago


preview not available Saqib Ajmal
01 Mar

Of course, this moment is very difficult. It seems to any human being that And it seems that the Hour has come upon man and it is very painful.

Thank you very much for  prayers 😘


Endeme Tariah
01 Mar

The post reminded me of my own experience and it's really touching...all the same thank you for the donation, may God richly bless you. Happy New Month.


preview not available Saqib Ajmal
01 Mar

I am sorry 😐 


Top Np
01 Mar

So sad for your friend,Relationship is the union of 2 souls. If you can't live in someone's heart, don't be deceived. Because of which one's life becomes dark forever. The heart hurts. The mind is not made of stone.


preview not available Saqib Ajmal
01 Mar

Absolutely love is a relationship of two hearts.

Thanks 😊


Ishmael Kelechi
01 Mar

This could cause some extreme a tons to victims of such a heartbreaking experience. 

If you are not interested in a relationship, it's better you say it before it leads to such actions of getting to abandon them.when they needed you the most. 

I tell you, a friend of mine had to go this kind of escapade and it was indeed a sorry case. The lady left him weeks to their wedding. 

It took a long while before he came Out of the shock. 


Ayesha Malik
01 Mar

Non- male🧐 pathetic tale is this;

Multiple people are still surviving here in the pain of being left by someone whether these are girls or guys;

To be honest it's becoming common in south Asia to see the marriage happening of your loved one with someone other who doesn't even merit to have that individual.

Sympathies with that guy;


Mubasher Mahdi
01 Mar

Saqib Bhai we know that circumstances are not constant for everyone. We are living in the age of digital or 

E-relationships. We start loving someone and talking to the same without confirmation of our own feelings. We don't value our time and spend most of it on that absurd person who just causes a great wastage of our time. As you said four years ago it started. Possibly there must be a lot of misunderstandings among them and it's not easy to bear someone whom you love is gonna hold the hand of any other person. Its painful.


preview not available Saqib Ajmal
03 Mar

Yea its painful 😖 bro 



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