Have you ever felt "BEING IGNORED"?

This happens when you bow or respect someone so high and gradually lose your status just because of too much good behaviour. It's more likely a teacher being more lenient and supportive to his class and the students take that teacher so easy that teacher someday feels like he did wrong by giving free hand and being more lenient. 


Being ignored is the worst ever feeling in which you just can't decide either you should blame the person or yourself just because more of anything is bad or you didn't even judge the situation or a better possibility is like you are not good at being "A GOOD FRIEND" 


We all say never expect much but what happens we always expect and hurt yourselves always even in my case not related to any recent events I'm just talking about things I've experienced in my life.


In my opinion, we shouldn't be planning so much because the majority of plans just goes vain because of many external factors I feel like when you are too much excited about any particular event then you lose all the chill present in it and at last you just feel sad because it never goes according to your thinking. 


Whenever you feel ignored just think what you've done extra in case positivity or negativity there is always something extra that creates troubles and for any person to be successful you need some mental health before implementing anything in your life. 


Your dearest,

^ N A V I ~

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21 Nov

Exactly You Depicted My Feelings

Being Ignored Is Worst Feeling

When Someone Ignore Me , I feel very Dejected and angry

Thanks for Giving me advice after being ignored


Evegrace Moses
21 Nov

Yeah, too many times I have felt ignored by someone but then when I notice that feeling, I always try to work on myself first by distancing myself for some time because that feeling of being ignored if not worked on can cause depression to someone. 

The feeling of being ignored comes to me when I feel I have esteemed someone too much or made that person my center of attraction then at a point in time the person isn't attracted to me or has gotten other people around to keep them company.


Wakygrace Shammah
21 Nov

Hmmm, I have felt that way before.

The truth is I used to feel that way before and I hate that feeling of being ignored or getting ignored by someone or people you placed a great value and important on.

Thanks for this your conclusion, I am just glad that I don't feel that way again lol


George Dee
21 Nov

Been ignored can be as a result of many reasons, in some cases, it doesn't mean you sold yourself cheap.

The person who ignored you might be at fault but whichever way it is I hate been ignored. I withdraw from such a person immediately I notice it.

Planning too much is kind of tricky because we end up losing all the excitement and energy channelled towards the project. I prefer planning and exhibiting bit by bit


Balvinder Suri
22 Nov

If withdrawal is not an available option what should be done in such cases?


Kenechukwu Ezeme
21 Nov

We plan and plan and plan. The cycle just never ends and that is why alot of people have a long list of what they PLAN to achieve.

I also have my plans and this is what makes us human but anyone that is ready to draw plans should make sure that he will be willing to do what needs to be done towards achieveing his goals.

As for the area of being ignored; it happens and some people just overlook or look down on others because of the difference In status. Let's not build any expectations towards such people because that will keep us on a safer side


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