When it comes to food everyone has his/her favourite, that special food you can never say no to. It could be a dessert, snack or full meal, whichever one, that special food is always a yes. Good food they say is a road to a man's heart, well I guess not just for men, good food is also a good headway to my stomach, hahaha yes not to my heart but somewhere close to that place.

I am a lover of food although not a foodie but I can't pass a good meal. Have got varieties of delicacies I crave for every day. Time to let you in on the most spectacular and most cherished of all my favourite delicacies. BANGA-STEW. It is commonly prepared by Nigerians, no particular Tribe owns this special delicacy as it is enjoyed by all. It is also known as OFEAKWU in my dialect.


I can't really place a finger that particular thing that made it my favourite maybe because it's tasty and nutritional. BANGA is a special stew that needs much care and attention if not everything will go wrong, when prepared wrongly, it can make you hate the food for long. It can be taken with rice, white yam and any other complementary dishes. The main recipe for BANGA is palm fruit which is the Banga itself. Enough of the intro, now to the kitchen.

Recipe for OFEAKWU

  • AKWU(Banga)......... Palm-fruit 

Quantity: 1/2 small paint tin

  • Okporoko.......Stockfish.

Quantity: Two big slices

  • Crayfish

Quantity: A small plate full

  • Azuokpo..........Dried fish

Quantity: Two juice  Tthe big sizes

  • Pepper 

Quantity: To taste.

  • Onions

Quantity: Two big ball of onions 

  • Nchiawu: cent leaf

Quantity: A small bunch. To add flavour.

  • Local spices.

Quantity: To enhance the flavour.

  • Seasoning : 

Quantity: Two cubes of Star or any other seasoning.

  • Salt.

Quantity: To taste.

  • Meat. Optional 


Pulverize cooked Palm nut fruits (Akwu). cook the Palm-nut Fruits till flesh is tender and well cooked. Then pound to breakdown the flesh to release the Palm juice ( palm paste) the juice.

Steam your meat and stockfish, add seasoning and onions while steaming then keep aside. Make sure you don't add to much water, just a little water is needed.

Grind the pepper and onions together, keep aside. they are used as thicken the stew.

Slice the cent leaf and keep aside

Cook the palm juice till it start boiling, then add the cooked meat wait for 2 mins, then add the dried fish, local species and your grounded onions and pepper. Cook for a minute, add the seasoning and cent leaf. Cook for sometime then bring down to settle. Your soup is ready.

Note: To get a good taste and thick stew, do not cover the pot while cooking




Chidiebere Christian
16 Nov

Pge Alwu, one of my favorite though a new found one be but it has taken over. I admire your cooking skills and how you mentioned and explained the requirements


LadyV Okafor
16 Nov

So you are one us, the Ofeakwu group 🙈🙈, I am glad you like it. Have you ever prepared it yourself?


Chudi Otti
17 Nov

I enjoy eating it. I don't know why it's not cooked very much in my house. It is delicious. I eat it with white rice or with eba.


LadyV Okafor
17 Nov

If you enjoy it that much, maybe you should start preparing it yourself since your family doesn't really like it, you can make them start liking it


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