Happy teachers day

Aslam o alikum all of you i hope all are right and Happy teachers day to all of you i know the real value of teacher i have many teachers but some teachers are my favorit teacher like imtiaz hussain mam asma aziz etc now i am also a teacher my students give reapect me like i gave respect to my teachers i love to all my beloved teachers may Allah give them happy life and healthy life some teachers are died may Allah give them high rank in jannah teacher is a great personality of ymthe society they give us all of your thoughts and give us every things they give us new vision new ideas they prosper us they play a key role of our success they dosnt give disrepect to us they always respect us we should also give respect to our teacher always give them high rank in our life our life is full of great happiness only due to our teachers ................in short teachers are everyvthing in our life we should give value  ``Hazrat ALI R.A said who teach me only a word he make me his slave''. So this is the thing that make the teacher most valuable personality of our society



Madiha Maan
05 Oct

Happy teacher day Happy Teacher's Day to all heads Teachers are like our parents I say good thing It makes us good people Gives a good touch I sluts   all the teacher 


M Nadeem
05 Oct


Happy teacher day too.

I love all teacher but Dr.mueed is my favorite teacher .


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