Happy Ramadan ~ Contest By Hafsa M

Assalam O Alaikum!

Ramadan is the month of blessings and to feel the pain of poor peoples who has no food throughout the year.

In this month we all Muslims do fasting from Sunrise to sunset for 29 to 30 days. 

This blessed month always brings peace to my life, mind and heart. I feel very grateful whenever Ramadan come.

This is my entry for @Hafsa M Contest. Her contest is: how you spend the month of Ramadan?

Here I wanna share what I and my family do and how we spend this month?

It is my and my sister's habit that we always awake till sehri time. I and my younger sister make sehri for the family.  We make parathas and omelette, kebabs, eclair (fresh cream)  sometimes chicken or white karhai & If mango season is running then mangoes as well, and tea. This is our sehri menu.

I do my sehri with family and my brother always says something funny while doing sehri to make our mood happier.

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After sehri I sleep and Wake up at noon, I know it is late but after a whole night wake Sleep is a must. I offer Namaz E Zuhr after wake up and read Quran as well.

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From the time of 4:30 PM, I start to make an aftari menu. Our Aftari menu has few regular things like Chaat, Dahi Bade, Macaroni, Roll, Dumblets, Fruit, Tang etc.

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Apart from sehri and aftari, Ramadan has a unique thing to make us happy, that is Eid Shopping. 

Yeah, from the starting of Ramadan I start to plan what I have to wear and in the middle of Ramadan, I go shopping.

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The last Ashra of Ramadan has other blessed vibes, Last Ashra has the Taak nights in which Muslims do lots of prayers and ask from ALLAH whatever they want. 

Eid night has the celebration at its peak, Markets full of peoples, many do shopping of Mehndi, Bangles and some visit markets to watch this celebration. I apply mehndi to my sisters and on my hand on Eid night and I sleep at late night on Eid night. 

This was all about the Ramadan celebration. If you also want to participate here is the link:Click here​​​

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Mahnoor Amna
17 Apr

First of all your menu is 😍😍😍 awsome.

And Indeed Ramzan helps us understand pain of needy people.

Last but not leat EID SHOPPING 😍😍. I feel so happy on eid as it is reward for our patience in RAMAZAN.


James Essien
17 Apr

How I wish I could celebrate Eid with you guys.


Tlha Bshir
17 Apr

Ramzan Mubarak..!!

I read 2nd post of this contest.

I think this post is much more interesting than first one. 

Which color are you going to buy on this eid🙄😁


James Essien
17 Apr

I will say she back purple colour.

Although I'm not a woman but I love purple colour.


Mahnoor Pathan
17 Apr

@James Essien Purple is my favourite colour... 


shoukat altaf
17 Apr

walicum salam

God willing, it is a very good routine.Teaches a lesson of support and brotherhood in Islam.


preview not available Emaan Ali
17 Apr

Maa sha ALLAH amazing entry!

No doubt Ramzan is a month to feel the pain of every needy one.

Your aftari and sehri menu are so delicious. I wish I can also eat this🤭🙊

Best of luck


rabail fatima
17 Apr

You shared good and innovative information well its month of blessing Muslim offer prayer and di supplication also do more deeds so please their Allah best of luck for your contest too 


James Essien
17 Apr

Yes because it's so motivative and I wish I could celebrate Ramadan with you guys.







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