mother is a blessing of GOD in our lives, she first thinks about her child and does everything that she can do for her child. mother love is unconditional, her love does not change according to our financial status. many people said that men are more successful but nobody noticed that she born that successful man and spend her whole life taking care of her children, even they sacrifice their dreams for their children.

this mother's day is so special for me because this time I bought a suit and cake for her. before, I didn't gift anything to her because I didn't have money because I am not the person who saves money lol. thanks to uptrennd, now I am financially stable to do something special for my mom. 

my mom is so happy today because I surprised her with cake and suit. she the one who helps me and understands me every time. she did so many sacrifices for me. before a 1 month, my photography sir asked students to buy DSLR and that was my first week in university. we already paid a high fee because it is a private university. I didn't tell this to my family for almost a week but then I realized that anyhow I had to buy a camera. after a week, I told her that I need a DSLR and in just 5 minutes she said ok and the next day she bought me a camera and spent her committee money which she collects in 2 years. 

mothers do many things for us 1 day is not enough to appreciate them but you feel them special by gifting something. if you are not financially stable then just make a card and give her, i am sure she will love it because your love is more important for her than your gift price. :)



saleem khan
10 May

happy mother day you too 

you said right there are no words which describe the contributions  of mother in growth of children in the development  of family. the love of mother is soo pure reamin always.Mother always sacrifices their happiness  for their children for their family. mother is the shelter that covered thier children from every hazard .That is the reason Allah compared his love with the love of mother.



Sharif Khan
10 May

Happy International Mother's Day to you from me. Celebrate International Mother's Day in full. We all Pakistanis are celebrating this day in full. May God keep you happy. May your mothers be safe. Amen.



Muhmmad Niaz
10 May

Yes, I am very happy to read your post. God willing, you have written very well. I am very happy about my mother.Mother is a very good gift given by Allah Almighty in life ameen...



Kingsley Mond
11 May

Your comment reminded me about my mum many years back. My dad had  died about ten years earlier and on a faithful day my elder sister came  back from university and needed money for her project  but there wasn't any  money, mum went to her box where are clothes were neatly folded brough out  one of her best attire gave it to my sister to sell it and get money for her project.... This was really the heart of a sacrificial mother that gave all to ensure her daughter graduated from University.



Ahmad Raza
10 May

Happy Mother's Day to all of you from the Uptrennd community and may this day be a day when you can give a beautiful hug to your mother, that you can tell her that you love her with all the strength of the world, remember all the moments of support and strength that she gave you, and thanks to her today that you have all the health you need to live and even be able to succeed here inside the platform, we have to be grateful to all and all the love that we received from our mothers, a happy Mother's Day to all of the community



Sharif Khan
10 May

Happy Mother's Day to the entire community of this platform



BGold Ola
10 May

I was reading your post, tears was coming from my eyes, I appreciate you for what you did to her and I pray God will give you more power and strength to do more for that Angel in her old ages when she will need you most.



Athar Saleem
10 May

Let's treat our parents best, do not confront them, serve them well, and love them a lot before it is too late. Pray that Allah will have mercy on my parents as they have mercy on me when I was a little child.



Hania Rameen
10 May

Happy mother's day. The love of a mother can only be given by the mother and no one else can be a substitute for her. May Allah bless the mothers of all to always have health and well-being. Always respect your mother.  my mother is my everything.



Sharif Khan
10 May

Happy Mother's Day to you from me. May God bless our mothers and may God bless you forever.








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