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16 Mar
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Happiness Is Free

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Betty Ozemoje 2 weeks ago

Worries make the situation seems impossible 

But When we chose to be happy, we tend to see clearer on how to overcome whatever we may be going through.

 It always does get better when we choose to be happy. 

Lala Shahbaz khan 2 weeks ago

Happiness is an emotions and these cannot be buyable... The real happiness is when u help others when they are in trouble.. 

Spread happiness every where 

Syed Ali Hussain 2 weeks ago

Busola you are 100 %, right with thought of hapiness and hapiness can't be bought with money. 

If we are happy then world are fantestic and good. If wo are not happy then every thing look boring. 

Life feel happy when we are happy. 

When we are happy take everyrhing easy, we solve every problems easily. 

Therefore hapiness is must. 

Mohammad Abdullah 2 weeks ago

So, it’s true that if a person have negative mind cannot live a positive life. ... Human mind is very sensitive and they try hard to make themselves happy. ... These kinds of things impact our happiness for instance too much tension, stress, and burden of doing the things right impact our ..

Umer Frooq 2 weeks ago

If we are happy then world is beautiful 


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