Happiness is baking a cake🎂

Hello to all beautiful people I hope you are well and enjoying your weekend with family ☺️

I am spending alot of time with my mother these days, I learnt different recipes from her. I give this time period named as beautiful days of my life. 

Me and my mother decided to bake a cake together, we both share alot of kitchen memories and there were alot of silly jokes and even we fight but in the last we were two cheerful people in a kitchen full of litter made of flour, chocolate and alot of dirty dishes😍


So let's start I am sharing with you all recipe of the cake we made. 

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Ingredients :

Flour    ➡️ 300 gram

Butter ➡️ 300 gram 


Sugar   ➡️  300 gram

Vanilla. ➡️ 2tsp

Milk    ➡️   4tsp 

Baking powder   ➡️    8 gram

Raffhan vanilla Custard ➡️1 box 

Cream ➡️300ml 

Dark chocolate ➡️300g

Method :

Pre heat your oven at 175 degrees.barrel sugar and eggs till pale and fluffy. Cream butter separately and add to the mixture of egg, add whisk and vanilla. Add baking powder and flour through a sieve slowly to amalgamate the mixture. The vanilla batter is prepared. Now spill the vanilla batter bit by bit in to loaf pan. Bake it for 30  minutes at 175 degrees. Melt chocolate and sum cream to make a smooth ganache. 

Now cake is ready , enjoy it with your loved ones 😋😍

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Here is the final look of cake 

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All gift are taken from​Giphy.com​​​



Maha 🇵🇰

Well I know it's method because I love to bake cakes and to eat it as well..hehe😂😂... But thanku for telling it's method it will help the begginers of cooking.


Amal Fatima

I know beautiful you love baking and sharing recipes with us. 💕

I am happy to see you after a long time☺️

Thanks for stopping there💕🤗


Minha Khan

Spending time with your mom and learn recipes from them is the best thing in the world. 

Mother is best teacher that taught us how to cook, how to bake, 😍

Cake looks yummy and delicious 😋

I definitely try this 😎


Amal Fatima

No doubt, mother is best teacher, the way my mom taught me with love is the best feeling for me in the world 💕

You should definitely try this and share your experience with me 😉

I am anxiously waiting for your feedback 🤗


Raja 79

Congratulations on a happy occasion, it seems incomplete without a cake. This sweet gift, which expresses the sweetness of happiness and sincerity in oneself, causes sweetness and sincerity in relationships and if this gift is made with one's own hands, then the value and status in the hearts increases many times.


Nisha Tahir

wow yummy chocolate cake its always mine favourite but i never tried it at home we always bring it from shop but now i got the recipe yuppee i will surely try at home my aunt told me that it get hard at home so don,t try but without experiencing how to say that it become bad i will surely try 

thanks for recipe amal enjoy these blessed moments with your mom they are precious and never return back once lost 


Amal Fatima

You should try it because homemade cakes are yummy and delicious in taste. 😍

Exactly, the time we spend with our mom is best and this time will never came back when it lost🙂

Where are you? 🙄

Are you busy in your exams 🤔

I miss your post and comments 😒

Thanks for stopping there after a long time 💕🤗


Nisha Tahir

yeah,i was busy in my exams but now its over i am completely back we will have lot of fun together .

i surely will try at home .


Benazir Ibrahim

I used to think that I have the easiest recipes for chocolate cake but this one right here is one I don't mind trying. It already looks delicious and my mouth is watering. I know this will my next kitchen practical. Thank you for this.


Amal Fatima

@Benazir this is easiest, I hope you enjoyed it after making, 😍

I am fan of your creative writing style, the way you play with the word is magnificent 👌👌

Happy to see your here, Thank you for stopping there💕


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