Gruck and Lambi.

Yo man, we need to do that shit, I need that money man, we gonna hit it up and run them down. We have planned this for weeks and it's time to cash out. 

Definitely babe, all I want is to set my eyes on that vault, and get me and you some raw cash, we be ballin in a few hours babe, anything you need will be on me, mi love, I gat you covered. Gruck said as he puffed on his Cuban Cigar, obviously high and drunk.

On the table in the room was an assortment of high end assault rifles, couple of semi-automatic hand guns, a box of grenades and one RPG, this couples were armed to the teeth ready to cause havoc. 

They set off at 14:00 driving in a deadbeat mustang, they didn't draw any attention to themselves, so as to avoid the cops. A few kilometres to target, they entered a street to get some smokes at the gas station, in minutes they set off again. 

As they got to the highway, they noticed a cop car tailing them, certain he didn't break any laws, Gruck maintained his speed driving carefully, and in seconds he heard the police sirens, with a voice from the speakers saying "Pull Over". 

Hello Mr Officer, how can I help you? 

I noticed you have a broken side mirror, you know it's a crime driving without one?

Erm, yes sir, some kid riding a bicycle smashed into my parked car on the road, i am so sorry, I would head to the garage and have it fixed right now.

Okay mate, I'll let you go, but still I'll write you a ticket and make sure you send a picture of your fixed mirror to the attached email. 

Definately sir, thank you so much,

Off you go then.

Damn boo, that was so close, I was almost shiting my pant man, it was real close dude, let focus on the task at hand.

They approached the bank, the dangerous couples had one goal in mind, get as much cash as possible and run through whosoever blocks them, With a duffle bag full of weapon, and masks in hand, they stormed the bank.

As they left the bank, the could already hear sirens, the cops had been altered by a silent alarm triggered, the ran to their getaway car and sped off, their aim was to get as far away as much as possible from the crime scene, in their car was $5million, their guns still cool and undisturbed, as no shot was fired. 

Will Gruck and Lambi make it out of the city? Watch out for the second and final part. 

Say No to Violence and deliberate attempts to be inhumane and a prolific law offender.

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Essa sherazi
02 Mar

This is a very thrilling story. I will read the first episode and then wait for the last episode. Lambi and Kirg have shown ingenuity but I don't think thieves will be able to digest it because no crime can be silenced by law.

Anyway, that will be decided in the next installment. I will wait for the next installment


Bright David
02 Mar

Yet another suspense from you.... Why do you keep keeping us in suspense??.. I am yet to get over the first one and here is another... I just can't wait to know what happened to them... But I really don't think they would make it out of the town.... Good always comes out victorious.... They are bad guys and I don't think they will win... Except there is a twist in the piece. 

You are indeed very creative.. Keep it up sir.... 


Superior Daniel
02 Mar

I was already enjoying the story, it's all like a movie and I wish it's never ends so that I can get the end. Well we all know how it should end expect otherwise, cos the bad get always get caught. Either today or tomorrow but the situation they are now is almost impossible to escape. 

I will be waiting for you next episode. 


Ishmael Kelechi
02 Mar

Ahaha. A robbery scene. What a thrilling story. The couple took their chances and hope the cop doesn't get them.  $5 million is a whole lot of money you know. 

I'd patiently wait for the next episode. 


Agaga Julius
02 Mar will be difficult for them to make it through since the police ar on the look out. They can only make it our if they maintain but I'm pretty sure they caught.

I will be seriously waiting for the next episode


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