Grow up

It is found in human nature that he complains all the time And when he is asked to do something, he says it is impossible 

I have a friend who has been saying the same thing for the last one year. The situation in Pakistan is not good. I have to go abroad. It is difficult to live here. There is a separate law for the poor and a separate law for the rich. 

There is a separate school for the children of the rich and a separate school for the poor. Here a few people occupy the country I think his words are right. His thinking is wrong. 

If all this happened to the country where he wants to go then? Improve yourself, everything will look better I have chosen this picture to illustrate this point better

This flower has also grown in the barren land and is growing with full courage .We are still human. Running away is not the solution of problems Rather, solutions to problems are sought

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Abid Hassan
15 Oct

If you really want to grow up or want to be mature please keep these things in your mind: 1. Don't let fear keep them from achieving ...


Hamad Malghani
15 Oct

Also i have friend name saqib who always said to me that i want to go abroad, i'm just tiered of that country there is no rule of law.  There is a lot corruption. But i advised him that don't go anywhere. Do your duty give people aware. Do what ever you can do.

Now he is also advising people to don't go abroad. 


Anthony Eri
15 Oct

You have written a good article and your photography portrays the message you are passing across. Running away from the problem isn't the solution! Improving ourselves and finding means to be a solution to problems is actually the key to personal growth.


Ali Baig
15 Oct

Yes flower give the most big lesson to us resources are not matter but struggle is matter for the success.


rimza ali
17 Oct

Really I hate these types of people some people in my life also who always start complaints. They have always disappointed from everything. Even they don't work just because of unpleasant circumstances as per their thought







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