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Great thoughts with uptrend

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Itliker Shadda 2 months ago

Thanks for your suggestions... I am passing this information to team..

Saqib Ajmal 2 months ago

wow thanks brother i am so much happy You agree with me..I want you to tell your friends too.And all the admins

Sundhari PriyaN 2 months ago

Good thinking bro

"When  admin write post  about them, they will be happy.Because of this happiness, they will invite their friends to do the same work"

 I agree with you!

Saqib Ajmal 2 months ago

yes  df that's reason i write 😁😃thanks a lot

Osato Jegede 2 months ago

Great idea, I certainly see alot of sense on your idea. It's pretty okay by me, but be rest assured that it will be communicated to the appropriate authorities for critique. 

Saqib Ajmal 2 months ago

I'm so glad you agree with me sir thank you so much 😃

Victoria Haruna 2 months ago

Being on the leaderboard is plenty happiness already. 

I would rather focus on getting crypto contents than doing that.

You have a great suggestion buddy

Saqib Ajmal 2 months ago

hhehe thank you so much my buddy and also my great teacher 😃😁

Busola Akinlolu 2 months ago

Nice idea man, but to attain the leaderboard you have stay active, post go OC's and commenting as the quantity of the upvotes you gain is what takes you to the leaderboard.

Saqib Ajmal 2 months ago

 Many thanks for your feedback but I am trying..I will do as you say







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