The father of someone father or mother is known as grandpa. Grandpas play an important role in the life of a child. I think without them a child's life is incomplete. I think when the child is about to 3 or 4 year old his grandparents make fun with them. They have a life in their grandchildren. They want to spend time with them. They never want to leave them alone. At that time, father of a child is busy in earning food for them. He has not enough time to play and fun with them. So at that time, grandparents are the ones who gave time to the childrens and make them busy all time. They take care of them. Without them I think someone life is so boring. 

I still remember my grandfather( my mother's father) who makes fun with me and he always take care of me. When he went to his friends, he always take some mangoes for me from his friends garden in mango season. He always gave me more mangoes than my brothers and cousins. Whenever he went anywhere, he takes something for me. He loved me a lot and I also love him. But when I was of 6, he left us in that world alone😑. 

Now tell me in comments who is/was your favorite in your grandpas.



Tayyab Ali
28 Nov

Grandpa's love you more than as compare to their love with their own child. He shows his blessings upon you . He always loves either you are on a right path or not


Dr. Numan Tariq
28 Nov

May grandfather was my favorite... He used to play with us when he was alive... Now he is in other world... May his soul rest in peace 


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