Gracias Diego Armando Maradona

I will tell my children about Diego Maradona and the impact he made in the world. It doesn't matter your height, your colour, your body size, your religion etc... Its about what you were born with and what you can offer.

Whatever have a beginning will surely have an end. Today been the 27th day of November 2020, a legend of football was led to rest.

A man that won the hearts of millions across the world. Every soccer star acknowledges him as an idol and a legend.

Just one man died and the whole world feels it. How deep this is..

The streets of Buenos Aires in Argentina came to a stand still as the 1986 world cup winner was taken to the Bella Vista cemetery to be layed to rest besides his parents in a private ceremony attended by family and close friends only.

I have never seen this kind of love showed to any player before. 

Some even see Diego as a god..

Thousands of people across the world sent in their condolences.

This weekend in premier league matches, all teams will be wearing black arm band as a sign of respect to mourn the legend.

Napoli wore Maradona's no 10 jersey to observe a minute silent yesterday before their Europa league home match against Rijeka fc in which the won by 2 - 0, showing you that their legend was a man of victory.

Napoli will also be renaming the stadium after Diego Armando Maradona.

This man has made history and will forever lives in the heart of millions upon generations.

He was given a presidential honour as the Argentina president and wife also paid tribute

Diego didn't just came to this world to be present, he made his impact felt and will be remembered for so many things including his hand of god goal.

What impact have you made and what will you be remembered for when you're gone?



Chidiebere Nze
27 Nov

Well deserved.A country that appreciate sportsmen. Legends never dies


Maureen Eze
27 Nov

An hero and legend has fallen. May soul of Gracias Diego Armando Maradona rest in the bossom of Allah


Valente Ibraimo
27 Nov

The news shocked many people, that God receives him with both hands, he was a good man, and will always be for us because he will always be in our hearts.


Flow Grin
27 Nov

It all about what you can offer most especially discovering what you have. When you know this things will surely Yours case should be different


RinNy Mboro
27 Nov

May his soul resilt in peace

We will miss him but his legacies are eternal







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