Grab 500 1Up ~ What you have purchased with the money you earned from Uptrennd

Asalam o alaikum

 dear uptrenndians

I hope you all are having a great time ...

From many days i was thinking to arrange a giveaway because i got very good response on my first giveaway you guyz are really amazing....

As you all know uptrennd is now became a part of our daily routine here we have learned about so many new things also we met some new people we made friends and apart from all these the main achievement that we got is our earning and the things that we purchased with the money that we got from uptrennd by writing quality posts....


I know it feels proud when we start earning and buying things from our own money that feelings are really amazing .....

So the giveaway is about that earning and things that you have purchased...

Don't be too much confused my friends... because i have made an easy contest ....

This contest has 2 parts

👉🏻Part 1 for old members who got their earning from uptrennd

👉🏻Part 2 for the newbies who haven't still earned their money but they are working hard to earn

Part 1 :

You have to create an OC post and write about all the things that you  purchased with the money you earned from Uptrennd. Where did you used your money..??

Part 2:

My lovely Newbies

you have to create an OC post in which you will write about😍❤️

 what you want to purchase with your first earning of uptrennd in what purpose you will use that money?

Here are the simple rules must read them carefully

Create OC post with title of 

500 1up giveaway by Saqib Ajmal

Choose the 

uptrennd community.

Use the hashtag



Share your post link on twitter and use these hashtags

 #1st_earning  #uptrennd #1up 

and tag me  


After that paste both your uptrennd post link and twitter post link in comment section of this post.

👀Deadline of sending your entry is 30th Nov ...

🎉🎊 5 lucky Winners will be announced on 1st December ....

Each winner will get 100 1up 🎊🎉

This time best entries will be added in spinwheel you must take care of the quality because low quality post will be rejected ❌

👉🏻You must follow the rules otherwise your entry will be rejected👈🏻

Good luck to all of you👍🏻

Image source 

Image I have created on Canva



Sehar Shah
24 Nov

It's a wonderful contest @Saqib and no doubt, everyone will love to write about those things which we have purchased with the money we earned on Uptrennd. 

That moment was full of proud for me when I saw the first earnings of my life.

I am going to create a awesome post for this contest 🥳🥳

InshaAllah this time I will be among the winners..😊 

My entry will be amazing InshaAllah.😁😁

Uptrennd link

Twitter link


preview not available Saqib Ajmal
24 Nov

Hehehej go goo 😂😂 I am waiting for ur great entry 


Amal Fatima
24 Nov

Omg someone again come up with the giveaway😎

In the last contest I can't participated 😔

But now I definitely participated in your giveaway 😇

Thanks for giving us this massive opportunity 👆☺️


preview not available Saqib Ajmal
24 Nov

Welcome Amal I would be very happy if you participate ❤️


Ayyat Fatima
24 Nov

uptrennd was lacking these days from giveaways but now you have give another one ,, i would surely participte in this ,,,as i havnt earned money so i am included in the part 2 of this contest.


hassan raza
24 Nov

I have not earned anything yet But I tried to working hard.

I really wants to participate in this. thanks fo sharing


syeda muazma
24 Nov

Wow, this is exciting. I wasn't able to participate in any contest because of my exmas but I will try to take part in this contest. 

Thank you for arranging this giveaway.

Hoping for best 







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