Goodbye To All Life Lovely Uptrenndians

Assalam-o-Alikum Dear Uptrenndians

Today I am saying goodbye to all my friends. I have learned a lot from this platform which will be useful for me in the future. There are some compulsions to leave this platform which I cannot tell you. I want to study all the time. In short, if I have made a mistake, I ask you to forgive me. I will never forget your kindness.

I will always remember you.

Bye Bye To All Lovely UpTrenndians Friends.....

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Rukhsar Hayat
09 Nov

Oh My cute friend... I am happy that you are concerned with studies. I always used to say you that you are very industrious. It is your passion for studies. Your exams are very near and you should provide great time to that and after it we are here and enjoy together. You should not use words life time because it hurts that we are losing a beautiful and a great partner here. I will always remember you. I will see you here very soon.


Zaroosh Fatima
09 Nov

It is very difficult for me to come back. I have always adhered to my principles. It is impossible to bring back the words I have used. I will always remember you.

Always be happy


Muhammad Tanzeel
14 Nov

Stay blessed... 🙂


Akhter Malik
09 Nov

Good friends and good people are always remembered but you want to give more time to studies. It is important. Best wishes for future. God bless you.


Zaroosh Fatima
09 Nov

Thank you for your encouragement


Godwin Emmanuel
09 Nov

why did you want to live this special platform.but if you said so good bye too i wish you great


Zaroosh Fatima
09 Nov

There are some compulsions. It is better for a person to keep these things in his heart than to tell everyone.


Ayesha Malik
09 Nov

It's not easy to say goodbye to you sister;

We will miss a productive individual like you;

But your studies are significant dear;

Stay blessed many best wishes for your future.

Keep smiling my shooting star.


Zaroosh Fatima
09 Nov

You have been very supportive of me on this platform. I will never forget your kindness. If you ever need me, I am here. 

I will always remember you...sisoo


Mahnoor Pathan
10 Nov

Why...??  If you are leaving this platform because of study then surely I will say you concentrate on you study... 

Keep work hard and get success... 







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