GOODBYE but Uptrennd will remain alive in our hearts

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is fine and doing great. I know it's really painful to say goodbye to uptrennd. I haven't expected such an end but we can't change what happened. 

I have learned so many things through uptrennd and will remain part of my life till the end. I also learn that not to believe in people blindly lol that's another debate.

Uptrennd journey must be the end but I am sure the uptrennd family will remain in contact with each other. 

Now whole uptrennd team is like a family to me. I am glad to meet so many people around the world and become friends for a lifetime. I spent 2 years on the uptrennd and trust me these are the best years of my life.

I want to clear something as well, no guardian had an idea what's going to happen after the announcement so please stop bullying them, because we all are in the same boat. Sometimes we do mistakes and blindly trust wrong people and make them our idols. We all are in pain and hurt but I don't want to stretch it more and want to end it with good note.

GOOD LUCK FOR THE FUTURE, I hope you all will get good opportunities because you all are very talented just keep doing hard work, one day you will be succeed, love you all❤



Suny Ag

I have nothing against this platform but a little disappointed. I preferred leveling up rather than encashing 1UP. It's perfectly alright as I have nothing against anyone here but met new persons from different cultures and demographies. 


Chidoziem Ekeocha

I sincerely agree with you


Ishmael Kelechi

Uptrennd will be here, in our heart, alive and booming because that's wheree it's registered not here on the internet.

A lot of us are yet to wake up from the shock. We hope to find a solace very quickly. 


Essa sherazi

You're right, the uptrend has been like a family and I hope we will continue to remember each other as a family.  We've learned a lot from this platform, but we didn't expect it to end abruptly.  It will end and the upgrade should not end in our spirits.  We must always move forward with high emotions.


Adetola Muheez

Alright ma.

Still in shock from the announcement, alot put into the family and see how it's going down in weeks Time.

We path to meet for sure.

Wishing you the best in your endeavors


Oluwasegun David

I don't feel to.leave this platform without gain anything cuz am working since the day i join uptrennd but i don't withdraw anything till today .







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