Good Things Comes To Those That Wait..

Your time will come...

Have you had to wait for something for so long, you feel like it's never going to happen and you feel you've just wasted your time waiting for nothing because it won't eventually happen. Well don't be quick to quit or rather don't give up so easily, remember there is time for everything, that time you eagerly want it so bad might not be the right time to have it, if you hold on this thought then waiting won't be so difficult, although might be challenging, might put you under pressure, you would have to ask so many 'why' questions but it isn't the right time hence you won't have it by being worried, unhappy or feeling unworthy.

When the set time is here, you won't need to stress, it comes easily, unexpectedly, unpreparedly. It takes you by surprise, you can't even solve the puzzle of how it happened but you have it, it feels so good to sing the victory song and dance to the rythm of success.

Life is full of ups and downs, don't rob yourself of the joy you deserve, at the right time you'll have that which you want, I am unprepared for the amount of success I have, I longed for it for so long, now I have no worries about it anymore because the right time is here and all I doing is enjoy my life without stress.

Lesson learnt; never give up, your time will come, in the mean time be happy and take life one step at a time, you will get that which you want in a matter time, don't get drown by it but rather enjoy everyday you have to live why waiting for the right time to sing the victory song and dance to the rythm of success.

Love❤️ and Light💡

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Unwana Sunday Akpan
04 Aug

Yes, this is factual, and highly correct. I believe that it is as a result of such stand that patient was acknowledged a virtue. It is a great means of attain a greater height. Anyway good, and successful height takes time, which is why patient is required.

Just like that saying goes, the patient dog eat the fattest bone.

Thanks for sharing. 




Dr.Kaleem Ashiq
04 Aug

life is not always a bed of roses .

There are ups and downs in life. 

We should face every obstacles with patience 



preview not available Esma Sid
04 Aug

We should never let go of the patience we need to put up during a certain happenstance. Time brings so many unexpected things along and sometimes even the plans that focused enough are not bought where they are destined. 

I believe in complete patience until your time arrives and you savvy your fruitful outcomes.😍 Things take time to happen!



Dozie Kash
04 Aug

Life is no bed of roses. Success is not for the weak. To attain success you must be ready to overcome obstacles patiently



04 Aug

I love this you are to enjoy each day as it comes and don't give up because you are not seeing any progress yet.. but be committed and keep pushing you desire might just be around the corner waiting for you to arrive.. so let go of the worries and enjoy each second of your life



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