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Good relationships are like a real gem

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Good relationships are a valuable asset.

And in this age of life there are good relationships that become human identities.  That man is respected among the rest of the people.

So the question is, why should we have a good relationship?

So it can be answered with very simple words in such a way that when we reach a good person and try our best to respect a person, then in his heart there is a great desire to respect us, will be born.

The human beings are no less than a hero and there are very few people in the world who remember others with kind words and with great respect.

Today is the age of selfishness and everyone wants to fill his own stomach and no one ever wants the good of others or even if there are people who want the good, they are very few.

In the same way, everyone wants to be respected only and not to respect anyone.

But this fact is not far off.

Until we learn to respect someone, people will not respect us.

Good relationships are always born out of respect.

Dear friends, you see that good morals are formed from the words that come out of our mouths.  And we can say that our language is a reflection of our personality.

A good person is one who often  apologizes to others for his mistakes. And he always tries his best to avoid harsh words and quarrels, so it is clear that people like to have good relations with such people.



Edy Stringz
06 Apr

It is true that we humans are selfish creatures and that all we ever want to do is to fill our stomach and desert that of our fellow human

But it is important that we form good morals, learn to respect one and another so that we can build good relationship with others 


preview not available Skyway Poster
06 Apr

Yes obviously but we should need to be kind and man of good relationship with others.

And also we should keep this thing in our mind to help the others and to have best wishes


Asim Alvi
06 Apr

Relationship ship is the beauty of life, with out it life is colorless, exactly a healthy relationship is making us healthy and mostly emotional and loving towards whom you got attached, lol


preview not available Skyway Poster
06 Apr

Indeed we can make good friends by just speaking good and beautiful words from my mouth so this will be effective thing to make our enemies as a best and beautiful friend


fiaz karim
06 Apr

Good relations are always memorable.we met many people in our life but with few people we have good relations.We have good relations with those to whome we have mutul understanding.Life runs on the system of give and take.All are not equal.every one is not selfish.world is full of sincer and kind hearted people. 


Chidiebere Christian
06 Apr

Respect and honour have been one of the Hallmark if good relationships cos it's been saving most Relationship we all know today. 


Madiha Maan
06 Apr

Our demeanor reflects our personality. If we respect a person, he is also respectful to us. We wish he was treated with respect, but today's world is very meaningful. People form relationships with each other because they are greedy. When their own goal is achieved, they do not respect the relationship and run away. But not everyone in the world is like that. Some people are very good. There are also those who know how to value each other


preview not available Skyway Poster
06 Apr

I think we can never be successful unless we prioritize others and there is only one good person and one successful person who first respects others and wants the best for others.

And is never selfish


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