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12 Oct
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Good News for the Uptrennd Community, Bad News for Scammers!

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Mayur Gaikwad 5 months ago

Strict action is absolutely required as it's injurious to our platform for long term.

We will need to educate everyone who is here for quick money as few are working on improving platform others are working on destroying it.

Remember one thing good people always are Victorious.

MD ABDUL BASED 5 months ago

I see there is a storm here. You should know Jeff is a man, of course, the founder of the company. He is not above mistakes. He also needs your opinions

Some of the guys are just flattering for each of his words. This is a big spamming! Dare enough, to tell the truth, and reality as Hafsa Mansor did. Don't forget to read the comment of 

Mohammad Omer Farooq-'One more thing to add that if you remove the upvote downvote arrows on the profile page then you should give us super speed server must because in such type of speed where we wait for much of opening profile page then too much time for three post and people will be annoyed irritate. So please provide us high-speed server first.'

What are you supporting? Someone,  spending hours after hours to learn,  and earn some bucks- can you compensate the money as 'Time is Money'? I don't support spammers. Take action against them but the method can be different. "uptrennd' is still a baby, so let it grow 

Jeff Kirdeikis 5 months ago

So what your saying is that we should be able to upvote before knowing what the article even says? That's ridiculous.

Here's the truth:
If someone is upvoting without reading the article,
they are the spammers we are targeting.

MD ABDUL BASED 5 months ago

I am not saying so. I'm always against spammers

Idea Clipper 5 months ago

i second your words "Some of the guys are just flattering for each of his words. This is a big spamming! Dare enough, to tell the truth, and reality" with a little correction

Most of the users are just flattering for each of Jeff's words. This is a big spamming! Dare enough, to tell the truth, and reality.

They are actually true Scammers . Even unable to make a true OC but just flattering...

Hafsa Mansoor 5 months ago

good step but you can also use KYC for new registrations. 50% of non oc its ok but limited to 50 upvotes its much strickness in my opinion

Mayur Gaikwad 5 months ago

Maybe its temporary as i personally saw users on level 1-2 have 200 upvotes on most of their post.

Hafsa Mansoor 5 months ago

this is other matter i know about it they all are scammers. i am talking about other uptrenndians

Mayur Gaikwad 5 months ago

Because of few others like us will suffer. We will need to make them aware about the benefit.

Jose Hurtado 5 months ago

i so agree with this measure, KYC is a way better and effective measure than what they are throwing in here, is just unfair for the honest lot.

Hafsa Mansoor 5 months ago

i hope these rules are for temporary

Jose Hurtado 5 months ago

So do i, im starting to dislike the way this is heading, im not up for the idea of fair paying for bad people.

Hafsa Mansoor  5 months ago

maybe this is the only way right now to stop scammers. i think for kyc they need time because its not easy to verify lots of people accounts they need staff for it

Jose Hurtado 5 months ago

it would be nice if they would say those are temporary rules until KYC and other measures to stop the scammers were implemented, but they seem to be here to stay...maybe im too pesimistic though XD i hope im wrong... this was kinda my living.

Martin Kiel  5 months ago

KYC is in the plans and it will come. But KYC isn't free, and it requires staff as well actively working on it.

We will implement KYC as soon as possible, but it's dependent on some factors that are heading in the right direction, but that we aren't in full control of.

We do appreciate the patience, these scammers won't get the best of us if we stick together! We'll get through this :)

Hafsa Mansoor  5 months ago

Thanks for information martin

Ana-Maria Simetin 5 months ago

Why do you think that limiting Non-OC posts "to 50 upvotes its much strickness"??? 

So far, we have seen that people were using Non-OC posts not only as some kind of shares but moreover by copying/pasting the whole articles from elsewhere. 

Putting aside the copyright infringement, fines, and penalties that follow such activity, I would really like to know...

Why do you think people should earn ANYTHING on somebody else's hard work???

Hafsa Mansoor 5 months ago

People can earn because there are many good articles which are so good but very few people read it but through this website lots of people will read it and we are not getting credit of it we will attach source link

Well I don't care about it mostly I post OC but I posts lots of memes which they consider non OC. For me memes are creative it's took time 50 upvotes with half value not enough 

Along way 5 months ago

How does 1UP trade, which exchange?

Ana-Maria Simetin 5 months ago

I don't know what did you mean by "we are not getting credit" because as far as I know, people (still) get paid for their Non-OC posts. 

Besides that, we are not allowed to steal (copy/paste) somebody else's work in whole or in portion, and no matter are we going to make money with that or not. 

Things are, in fact, quite simple!
If you steal the bicycle from the "Store A," no matter if you are going to use it and ride it by yourself, or you are going to sell it (in whole or in parts) and earn money with that, it's still a thievery and you were not allowed to do that.
Furthermore, placing a sticker on your bicycle that would say, "It's a bicycle from Store A," wouldn't release you from the guilt, either not save you from fines, penalties or even getting imprisoned because of that thievery.

The same laws and rules apply for publishing online (like here on Uptrennd) and offline.
And the same way as the sticker on the bicycle wouldn't release us when get caught, the same way posting a source link wouldn't release for unauthorized copy/paste.

Thievery is thievery, no matter if in question are some material goods or someone's intellectual property (written comment, article, journal, book, photo, video, sound, or else). 

Jeff Kirdeikis 5 months ago

Copy and pasting an article is not worth more than 25 upvotes.
It takes minimal effort and will be rewarded as such.

Vega Barcena 5 months ago

Definitely agree. It's the only platform that is unique and has an aim to be fair to everyone. Let's keep Uptrennd and don't tolerate those scammers play the system. As I've said before, if we tolerate those who plays the platform, then this platform won't last. I defintely support these new rules that will be implemented.

Jarau Moses 5 months ago

This is really great a there was a surge of level one accounts with over 300 points from yesterday...

We as the community have to take use of the report button!

Scammers don't read so they will not see this and maybe come up with new tactics hahaha.

Great move by you guys .. let's all weed the scammers out.

Uptrennd Nation, To The Future

Efe Eric 5 months ago

Good update, some strict measures like this need to be in place to create check and balance in the system. uptrennd is for all of us, and we won't let scammers, abuser spoil it for us. If you are one please resist from it







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