Good news for Pakistan, discovery of new oil and gas reserves

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OGDCL termed the new oil and gas reserves as a great achievement and said that the new discovery in Musa Khel district of Balochistan was a great achievement.

 According to OGDCL, gas reserves have been found from a well in Musa Khel district of Balochistan. In Musa Khel district, Lakirod one forest well is 3,000 meters deep.

 OGDCL said that the initial investigation has found gas reserves of 2.5 million cubic feet per day, while the test will also find 18 barrels of crude oil per day.

 OGDCL says that the Pakistan Stock Exchange has also been informed about the great success of the new discovery of oil and gas in Musa Khel.

 On November 13, Pakistan Petroleum Limited announced the good news that crude oil production has started from the discovered oil reserves in Ziarat, Balochistan.

 In this regard, Pakistan Petroleum Limited has issued a statement saying that the company has started production of crude oil in Ziarat, an oil well was discovered here in 2018, which is estimated to produce 800 barrels per day of crude oil.  Is.

 A PPL statement said the Attock refinery would buy crude oil from the discovered well, which is expected to produce 800 barrels of oil per day. The company has also signed an agreement with the Attock refinery in this regard.

 It may be recalled that in August this year, OGDCL had also discovered new oil and gas reserves in Kohat district. The Oil and Gas Development Company said that the Togh Bala Well No. 1 to 9 MMSCFD per day.  Gas will be available, while 125 barrels of oil per day will also be extracted from the well.

 This was the second consecutive success in oil and gas exploration in the Kohat block, officials said, adding that the success of Tugh Bala Well No. 1 was the result of a brilliant exploration strategy.

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27 Nov

Thts so good news for all Pakistanis..Oil is one of basic needs of this era..and its also very difficult to Import ...


awal ramlee
27 Nov

Many years ago, when I was at the ASEAN Institute, Having dinner in a restaurant in Davao, Mindanao, Philippines, my Boss, Mr Mok Sian Tuan, made a surprising statement. He was not a Muslim, yet what he said surprised all that the dinner table. He said God, for some reasons only known to Him, seemed to be unfair in distributing the location where oil could be found. His priorities are always Muslim lands. I never say it that way until he said that. The Balochistan find is another example of what is said holds true.


Ali Bhai
27 Nov

It is so good for economy of pakistan.its a good news.i heard it by your post .thanks for sharing very informative news


Hasnain Khan
27 Nov

Discovering both gas and oil reserves is a great achievement. Pakistan is rich in natural resources but it needs an honest leadership. A leadership that can honestly lead the country in the right direction.  Work on the reserves has started. Hopefully, God willing, Pakistan will now be able to meet its oil needs from its own country. And we will not have to reach out to others. The discovery of gas reserves will also meet the country's needs.


Maryam Ghaffar
27 Nov

Wow it's good news for Pakistan. Now economy of Pakistan will better very soon. Thank you so much dear for sharing informative post with us. 


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