Good news for low level users


Hope you guys are fine and enjoying this amazing platform.  

There are many newbies and have a low level.  

They are working hard to level up but they don't get their target because of citizenship. 

Do you guys know about citizenship? 

Ok well let me give a hint. 

What citizenship is: 

When I started uptrennd,  we all get the same points without the gap of any level.

If a user of level 1 or level 20 upvoted/downvoted we used to get the same point and it didn't change our point history.  

But after the implementation of citizenship,  we get point according to our level. 

If you are on a good level, then you will get more points on every upvote.

same is the case in giving power,  the more the level you have the more power does your token have. 

The price of 1up is very low nowadays so its best time for newbies to invest in 1up and boost up level.  

It will help you alot. 

Moreover its the best time to buy 1up to get more profit in future.  

I have a strong belief on this token.

Guardians are now doing well to promote this platform as well.

Keep it up guys.

More power to you❤

If you don't know how to buy 1up or how to deposit,  you are free to ask me.

My telegram account nd WhatsApp is open for my Uptrennd family ❤

Remember me in your kind prayers 



Anthony Eri
22 Nov

Nice article NatiQ! This is certainly the best time to invest in 1UP. For newbies, they can buy from 3000 1UP and level up. For high level users, you buy as much as you can and hodl in wallet because definitely, 1UP will face it's bull run and only those who accumulated, will enjoy.


Faisal Khan
22 Nov

Right Dear ❤️

This Is Big Opportunity Too  Get  Some 1up .

In Sha Allah Very Soon 1up Rate Increase .

Uptrend Too The Moon 🌝 


Aamir Ali
22 Nov

Me and my friend already discussing on the same topic about buying some 1up for leveling up.. And then your post came infront of us. This one is really great achievement bro natiQ, hope soon 1up price is high as usually...!! * 


hassan raza
22 Nov

This is a big opportunity to buy 1up.  That's definitely a best way to boost our levels. thanks for guiding low levelers. and we have to try our best and continue our efforts.


Hedayat Ullah
22 Nov

Hmmmmm. That's definitely a best way to boost our levels. We all know that earning that much tokens on uptrennd to issue you a green card of citizenship, is a bit difficult now a days, not just for newbies but for all those who are below level 20. But buying 1 UPs and investing them in level up is not that much difficult... 

A brilliant suggestion. 👍👍







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