Good Data Morning Show – LIVE!

Looking forward to discussing emerging cybersecurity challenges on the Good Data Morning Show, LIVE on LinkedIn and YouTube!  April 2nd 11am ET (8am Pacific)

How safe are we in the digital world as an individual and as a company?

We will be talking about cybersecurity threats, how an organization and individuals can protect themselves better, and evolving best-practices.

I expect we will be covering some recent hacks, like SolarWinds, and how cybercriminals are targeting consumers, SMB’s, big companies, and even governments!

Come join the fun.  Live streaming events are the best!  There will be an opportunity for the audience to ask questions.

Event registration link:


Cybersecurity and Privacy





Cybersecurity is intertwined with our digital world. It impacts cryptocurrencies, social media, technology innovation, software, privacy, and even our safety. Abuse, hacking, theft, fraud, and data breaches are real threats. Digital transformation is changing our world, connecting and enriching the lives of everyone but there is an accompanying set of risks for all those benefits. Cybersecurity and Privacy underpins the trust of digital innovation, including cryptocurrency. As a community, let's stay aware of the risks, threats, and current attacks.



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