Good Bots, Bad Bots: Uptrend is what a BOTFREE social Dapp looks like!
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Amazingly, ROBOTS- BOTs are one of the beauties of Technology, they could make our lives much easier and at the same time make human lives miserable when we imagine the dangers of Artificial Intelligent taking our jobs and maybe taking over Human space (Fictious). Once there is no herds for AI Robots to take over the earth from humans, then it is a good thing to have BOTs around, same thing applied on the Blockchain. But, our fears are coming through beginning from a host of Blockchain platforms and social media like Steem, Twitter. BOTs are now taking human place and making the Platform more and more less friendly for people using it(Of course if you have a ship load of tokens or fans/followers, you wouldn't mind to build your own BOTs).

But there are good ones and bad ones. Good BOTs are extremely beneficial to users, on the Blockchain, they help to create required visibilities for products and maybe seasoned content creators not spammers and abusers. Bad BOTs on the hand never plays by the Rules of engagement; they are programmed with malicious intentions to hinder the good of a place e.g Steem Blockchain, Twitter; these unregulated BOTs freak users out, scam them of their little Steems, supports abusers and Plagiarists.

But someone did a noble thing by creating one of the best Army of Good BOTs aiming to combat every form of despair and lost faith in the Steem Ecosystem.

To those who had lost faith in the Blockchain blogging through Steem and to those still losing it, this is for you. Since “BOTOCALYPSE”, the platform has turned away from what was originally designed for (Blog and Earn), presently not many minnows and other tiny fishes could endure the stress of Blogging on the platform with little or nothing to show for it. To get a visit from most BOTs, you have to feed them (pay for upvotes services) and then they show up 2hours later or more as the cases may be. Some of these BOTS are created to cause chaos, spamming and for endless self-voting which seems like a mayhem to the steem Blockchain.

Just a few people, a tiny portion of patrons of these BOTs care about human interactions and engagement more than their own purses and wallets and personal agendas. Though Uptrennd doesn't have BOT problems, it has other petty problems, but that can never be compared to BOT infestation!




Shahid Iqbal
27 Dec

Now a days good bots are being used for a lot of purposes. They work for our beneficial projects. I am also on favor of uptrennd bots. 


Captain Philips
28 Dec

Oh yes, they are meant to do good jobs, not spam and phish people/users, I mean the terrible bots 


Chidiebere Christian
27 Dec

It's amazing to see how Boys fills up everywhere and it's not anyway. We have to look well to know how to work on which BOT


Adetola Muheez
27 Dec

True everything comes with it's good n bad...Bots r all human doing, so we kind of have the blame on us..those who use the bad ,use to get wat they wantgood ones r built for checks too.

Uptrennd Bots have been okay so far, check on spamming n pplagiarism.

Wat kind of problem do u think uptrennd has if I may ask


Captain Philips
27 Dec

A popular one you and I know so well, spamming...


Adetola Muheez
27 Dec

Yea...true n uptrennd is trying to out it to minimal  too n I think they r trying, people r just adamant.


Vincent Isibor
27 Dec

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