Golden boot race - Which player will grab it

I will be using this post to talk about some league and those topping the chart for the highest goal scorer list. This title is used to reward players who have worked so hard to score more goals which in any way helped to see his team doing well in the race. Scoring goals is not always easy and saying the truth, we know some league are easier than others. 

We have seen a lot of players doing well by making sure that they are scoring goals which in return see's their team doing well. The importance of the goals is that it is helping their team to at least level up. I normally enjoys seeing different players competing for the boot, this in return is amazing. 

Starting with the English premier league we have Mohammed Salah topping the chart. Despite Liverpool fc performing badly, Mohammed Salah is leading the race. This is amazing I must say. He is occupying the first position with 17 goals while we have Bruno Fernandes on second position with 15 goals. Bruno really tried this season. An attacking midfielder doing wonderful well, this is amazing I must confess. We have Harry Kane of Tottenham Hotspur on third position with 14 goals. This year English premier league golden boot race is going to be interesting I must admit. 

Talking about the Spanish premier league  golden boot race, we have Lionel Messi topping the chart with 19 goals, this is really i interesting from him. I never thought that Lionel Messi will be topping the list despite the challenges they are facing this season. Despite his team struggling he still proves that he is the king. Let us see how the season will end with Luis Suarez chasing him with 16 goals. His goals is the reason Atletico Madrid (his club) are topping the Spanish premier league this season. I wish them success and will be happy they win the Spanish league this time around. Lastly the third person chasing them is Gerard Moreno of Villarreal fc with 14 goals. Amazing golden boot race I must say.

I will love to see another person winning the golden boot this season in the Spanish premier league because I have seen Lionel Messi always winning it. I need another person to win the boot this time around. There is no favorizm when it comes to the boot winner. This means that if you wants to wins the trophy you need to prove it by scoring goals. The floor is open, if you need it you have to prove your worth.

The other league to talk about here is the German bundesliga league. I so much love how Bayern Munich are currently dominating their league and their dominance is so hard to break. As per the player sitting on first position when it comes to the German bundesliga league we have Lewadoski with 28 goals. This is really awesome. I so much love him because he always convert his chances when he have the opportunity to do so. 

The other players following Lewadoski is Andre Silva of Frankfurt fc with 19 goals and Haaland of Dortmund with 17 goals. It seems it is Lewadoski season onc more to lift the boot. What really amazes me about Lewadoski of Bayern Munich is that despite his age he just can't stop scoring. I keep answering my self this question, when is this man called Lewadoski going to retire. I don't think he will be doing that pretty soon. He is still performing well despite the age. I really love this.

Since Cristiano Ronaldo move to Italian league the league has been competitive. This is amazing I must say. The problem right now is that they might not win the league this season. Checking on the golden boot title race we have Cristiano Ronaldo topping the chart with 19 goals. The other person following him is Romelu Lukaka, a very strong, powerful and energetic player. He has scored 18 goals this season following the track of Cristiano Ronaldo. The person who will win this year golden boot in the Italian league this season will have to fight a very strong battle as it is not going to be easy. Immobile Ciro seats on third position with 14 goals scored so far. This is a very strong war as it is going to be between Cristiano Ronaldo and Romelu Lukaka. Let the better player win.

I will be ending the post here, hope you enjoyed it? As per the boot race, it is going to be competitive among players in the various league I pointed out.

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Stay bless as you go through this post

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preview not available etson arrantes
03 Mar

Haaland is playing amazing football this season.. But still we have Messi and Ronaldo.. They are still playing great.. Also we should always think about Lewandowski.. Harry Kane and Bruno Fernandes are my other candidates..  







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