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Gojek Clone App: Features, Benefits and How it Works?

Gojek is Southeast Asia's leading on-demand multi-service tech platform and a one-stop solution for all types of delivery, professional services, and rental services. This application has gained huge popularity since its launch because of the simplicity and comfort it offers.

Customers can use professional services and delivery services in one place through a single application. It is useful for startups and entrepreneurs who want to kick-start their business with these on-demand services.

What are the sorts of services included in the Gojek clone app?

Gojek app has 4 primary types of services included within it. They are:

  1. On Demand Taxi Booking Service

  2. On Demand Parcel Delivery

  3. On Demand Store-Based Delivery (food delivery, grocery delivery, etc.)

  4. On Demand Service Provider (Electrician, plumber, tutor, dog walker, etc.)

Let’s start with discussing the features that ought to go into your multi-services app like Gojek.

Here are the features that you should not miss on your Gojek clone app:

If you’re planning to enter this market for the first time you ought to know about the current business trends. The features of an application should be in match with the current market standards. In a Gojek clone app, you would get a ready-to-use, feature-rich app with currently trending features.

The features you will add would cater to the 3 variations of the app.

  • Customer App

  • Service Provider App

  • Admin Panel

Customer App Features

  • Social Media Integration: Users can register with their email id or mobile number or can log in through social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, etc. which makes the login process easy for them.

  • Search For Drivers or Service Personnel: With this feature, users can search for service professionals or drivers near their location. Customers can view their profiles and book their services as per their preferences.

  • Book Now Or Book Later: Users can avail the services at the date and time of their convenience. They can book them instantly or schedule later as per their convenience.

  • Tracking Options: Utilizing this feature, the user can track the delivery persons.

  • Multiple Payment Gateways: Nowadays, you can provide your customers with multiple payment options like credit/debit cards, in-app wallet, COD, etc.

  • Push notifications: With this feature, you can send order details, promotion & discount offers, and related news to keep the customers engaged on your platform.

  • In-app Chat/ Call: Customers can connect with service providers or drivers through messaging or call options available in the application.

  • History Details: Using this feature, both user and driver can view their service history details that incorporate the date and time of the trip, travel fare, location, etc.

  • Reviews and ratings: Let your customers rate the services you provide and review your business. This will help other customers to choose your services and it augments the transparency of your business.

Service Provider App Features

  • Login/Signup: Service providers need to register or log-in in similarly to users but by providing the required documents to become service providers.

  • Manage Profile: Service providers can create their own profiles with their name, photo, contact details, area of expertise, etc.

  • Toggle on/off: The service providers have the right to start and stop offering their services as per their comfort.

  • Accept/Reject Requests: Service providers can accept or reject the requests they receive from the customers. If they reject the request, they can specify a valid reason for rejecting a particular request.

  • Earning Details: Using this feature, service providers can check their earning history on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis.

  • Service History: In this section, service providers can view all the ongoing, cancelled, and completed service requests, along with their details.

Admin Panel Features

  • Powerful Dashboard: Admin can operate all the operations going on through the app with the admin panel. Such as a number of running or completed orders,  statistical information, etc.

  • Manage Users: The admin can manage the profiles of all the registered users and can access their information anytime they want.

  • Manage Service Providers: The admin can also manage all the service providers by approving or rejecting the request of service providers to render their service via the application.

  • Manage Store: The admin can manage the stores that joined with the application and can decide to remove them for any valid reason.

  • Offers and Discounts: The admin can share offers and discounts for customers who benefit from their services frequently to boost their sales.

  • Generate Analytics Reports: The admin can generate analytical reports with detailed insights to improve the business.

Benefits offered by Gojek clone app for startups and entrepreneurs:

Easy to manage
Admin can easily overlook all the business operations with the dynamic dashboard. They can likewise access the revenue generated in each service and can monitor every store. They can also view the number of customers, reviews, ratings, etc., in each segment on the application.

Boost your revenue
Business owners have more options to generate income as the Gojek clone app is a multi-services application. Instead of launching multiple apps, Gojek can offer every necessary service on their app.

Lesser hassles
Each application will require maintenance to improve its functioning. It becomes easier in the Gojek app as it offers multiple on-demand services in a single application. Owners can easily deal with an immense number of customers effortlessly and can manage multiple services flawlessly.

How Does Gojek Clone Script Work?

Easy registration: Customers are required to register themselves first and login to utilize the app.

Select Service: After successful login, customers can select the type of services they want from the list or can search manually by typing the service name in the search bar menu.

Add Items: After selecting the delivery services, customers can add items to the cart and place an order.

Order Delivery: After that delivery person will go to deliver the customer order. At the same time, customers can track the delivery boy and see the ETA.

Payment options: Customers can choose to pay via multiple payment options like credit cards, debit cards, E-wallets, or cash to placed the order.

Rate and review: Customers have the option to give feedback based on the service they receive from the service provider.

Why Develop an App like Gojek?

Gojek app becomes a one-stop solution for all the modern-day customer's requirements from food & grocery delivery to transportation and logistics to cashless payments. By offering a range of multiple on-demand services in a single app, it is going to be one of the most user and investor-friendly applications.

To sum up

Gojek is a one-stop destination for individuals to get multiple on-demand services with a single tap. If you are planning to enter this sector, getting a Gojek clone script will be the perfect solution. With the unlimited customization options available, integrating exclusive features won't be a problem any longer. You can surpass your competitors in the market easily and attract more customers.







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