God will not give such a wife to anyone.

 When the husband returned home with the doctor, he thought that if he could get some sympathy from his wife, he entered the room, showing himself to be very upset and sad.

 The wife asked with sleepy eyes

  "What did the doctor say?"  🤔

 Husband: The doctor says you are just a guest for a few hours

 The wife looked at the time on the clock and lay down on the bed, leaned over and put the pillow over her face.

 The husband shook his wife's shoulder and said:

 "Begum! Are you sleeping?"

 Wife spoke from behind the pillow:

  "Look, I have a lot of work to do in the morning. I have to take care of your bath and shroud."

  Graves are excavated, tents and rivers are called

 Maulvi Sahib has to be asked for the funeral prayer

  An announcement has to be made in the mosque, your family members have to be called

 You have to call your family, send a leave application to Mane's school

 His rickshaw driver is forbidden

 To order a pot, etc., etc.

 You don't have to get up in the morning, so turn off the light and don't disturb me.

Image source  .  Pixabay


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