GOD is the supreme being who out of likeness created all things and out of Love created a Super-being to be in charge of all things and that is how we Humans came to existence.

God does not love out of what we do to him or to people but he generally loves us and thatbis why we are admonished daily to live him back.

Just imagine, Armed Robbers, kidnappers, Hired killers and other hardened criminals also go to bed and wake up safely like the righteous because he cares equally for all.

Imagine as well, that he refused to seize oxygen from running through the wicked for it just to run through the righteous, neither was he racial in breath-taking unlike we humans because if it was to be a human their would have been visible partiality in distribution of all things.

When you check the list of world richest folks, you'll see how people who don't believe in God; Atheist are also on the list, that is he permitted his wealth to be distributed amidst all as well.

Well, if you still do not return God's Love to him, I Admonish you this day to look into all things he has done and take the bold step to accept and return his Love in your Little way.

God is Love

God's Love is immeasurable

God's Love is unspeakable

God's Love is impartial




Joseph James
26 Nov

God's love is unconditional. He loves without looking for something in turn. The only way to love him back is to keep this commandments. 


Muhammad Umair
26 Nov

God's love for us is beyond limits . Prophet Muhammad S.A.W Said,, Allah loves man more then the love of 70 mothers, from here  we understand that how much Allah loves us.. When we are not obeying the commands of Allah he still loves us and give us food and every thing we need ... Always follow the Rules and Commands of Allah this will make us successful in this life and the life here after...


Ifeanyi Obasi
27 Nov

Indeed the unconditional love God has shown on us is mindblowing..

His love for the world is not partial, and all he requires of us is a reciprocate of the love, not just to him but to the people around us!


RinNy Mboro
27 Nov

God loves us differently,in a genuine and selfless way

His loves is the best love we can get because it comes with graces 


Mariovic Idungafa
27 Nov

God's love is unconditional

It totally different

God's love is the best

And we are always saved by that love and grace







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