God is able

My help comes from the Lord, my life is incomplete without  him, he shows his Goodness to everyone, even  the ones that chose to be disobedience he still sends down rain to water their crops and the breath that both the good and the bad need for survival.


Sometimes...beyond the skills...beyond the qualification, you just need God to place people in rooms that’d fight for opportunities on your behalf.

God never changes, the methods may change but the goal remains the same, if God by a prophecy told you that you will be the next legend in the medical field and you know you are not intelligent to even passing a basic exam, God can make you this great even with you limitations.

Trust in God to perfect what he said he will do.



RinNy Mboro
19 Feb

Of course nothing is bigger than God

We just need to trust him and believe and he'll do it for us because he indeed is able

Even when it looks impossible,God does it all


Wisdom Chinonso
19 Feb

God is able with God all things are possible he is the key to our lives.


Adeiyi Iyiola
19 Feb

Everything about Him is Great, He is The omnipresent and Omniscience. He is always witty us and His Mercy above is is infinite 


Kinza Hasmhi
19 Feb

life is nothing without God 🙏

beacuse he shows his Goodness to everyone,

and he is merciful and he listen to everyone

God never change he will do good for you Everytime

Trust in God to perfect what he said he will do.


Idoko Joseph Adoyi
19 Feb

Yes kinza God is all that we need ,for If we have him we have everything.

It is foolishness to skip God out of the equation of your life.


Jeremiah Akpabio
19 Feb

God is everlasting father who has compassion on his children no matter how bad they they be.  His blessings is bountiful and his love is endearing. Just have faith in him and put up your trust in him you can never lack or crumble. 







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