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Glasses that Block Facial Recognition Systems

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Luke Brenland 1 month ago

that is awesome!! Im not a criminal but why should my face be on a government data base or a local police station? In the UK your supposed to be innocent until proven guilty but they treat us all like suspected criminals...  with the amount of cctv coverage combined with online data too.

Osato Jegede 1 month ago

For every surveillance technology, there is a countervailing idea now or sooner. Privaracy is personal and should be respected. Thanks for sharing

Elena Demou 1 month ago

Man, facial recognition scares me lol. Nice protection! Lol

Matthew Rosenquist 1 month ago

My issue with facial recognition is that it can be done at such a distance, without the person ever knowing.

Matthew Rosenquist 1 month ago

It can be very creepy!  Imagine all the stores you shop at recording you and keeping all that information.  They can even create a biometric marker to recognize you in the future, which could be shared with other stores, marketing agencies, governments, etc.

Acheampong Emmanuel 1 month ago

Amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Russ Pam 1 month ago

Interesting solution.  Surprised it took this long.  

Matthew Rosenquist 1 month ago

It beats a full facial mask!


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