Giveaway to grab 1000 1up

↤Hey Everyone↦

I'm again with an interesting Giveaway. Excited, Hahaha I think yes...

Okay so without my wait let's tell you guys about the topic of the giveaway, I noticed that users always write articles about motivation and free writes but I have never seen any story on the uptrend, So today my giveaway is about stories.

You guys just need to write an OC post about any kind of story either imagination or real but the story has to show some positive morel from it. 

✔️Rules to Participate

You have to write an OC post

Choose the creative writing community


Share your post at almost 2 other sites (Twitter and one other) with hashtag #Uptrennd, #Contest aslo tage me 


​After that paste both your uptrennd post link and twitter post link in comment section of this post.

Add hashtag in your post #SStory

Add this post to the creative writing community


So I'll decide the 5 best entries by reading all posts and give 200 1up to all of them🎉🎉.


You have time to prepare your entry till 10 February, entry after this time will be rejected❌.

👉🏻You have to follow all the rules otherwise your entry will be rejected👈🏻

Good Luck for the contest👍🏻👍🏻

Regards: Saqib Ajmal

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Sehar Shah
26 Jan

It's a wonderful chance to grab some 1up and i will definitely participate in this Contest. The topic of your give away is quite difficult for me because i have never wrote any story here on Uptrennd but i will try hard and i will give my best because i don't want to loss this golden chance..

Thank you @Saqib for giving us this opportunity

Uptrennd link

Twitter link


preview not available Saqib Ajmal
26 Jan

Thank you so muxh sehar ❤️

I am really happy that you have not written any story till today but still you will take part in my contest . It is a matter of pride for me.😍


Amal Fatima
26 Jan

Waoooo, the topic of the contest is magnificent 😎

I don't miss your contest🙋‍♀️

I definitely follow all the rules and submit my entry soon. 🙂

Thanks for giving us this opportunity once again ☺️


preview not available Saqib Ajmal
26 Jan

Welcome I look forward to it and I will be proud that you are taking part in my contest.


Hameed khan
26 Jan

Oh really nice i was waiting for such a giveaway and i have posted almost 5 post including moral stories and i will participate in it


preview not available Saqib Ajmal
26 Jan

Wow Then you must take part in this contest of mine. I am eagerly waiting for your entry😁❤️🔥🚀


Sana ullah khan
26 Jan

@hameed khan I also waiting for you entry 😍😎😍😎


Muhammad Kashif
26 Jan

Yeah its a good opportunity to win 1ups. I will try to participate in this contest very soon. 

Thank you for arranging this .


Dani Bit
26 Jan

Yeah! I want it too


Ashfaq Muhammad Khan
26 Jan

Wao.. again.. 

I want to participate. It has some advantages that's why I want to participate. The one is, it will be a type of creative writing, Means writing skill will be improved, the other is, you can give positive gesture by that's Tory, and the third one is to get 200 1UP.

I like to participate.


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