Gift of Graduation...

Hello Everyone!

Today is a happy day for me and my fellows who are a part of Uptrennd University... We were graduated again...

As you know that i am a student and also a tutor in Uptrennd University.

What did you say?

A student and tutor??

Hehe yeah, in UU we do both works together, we learn and after first graduation we have an option of teaching too.

And now being a student, i become graduated from Uptrennd University. Here is my badge...

Isn't it look so lovely? I loveit's design, specially the golden color looks so good...

And today in the morning i got a notification from admin means Sir Jeff.. I got points for level up..


After watching this notification i rushed towards the points history where i saw the points used for level up.

OMG! I felt so happy to see it.

Here is another one.

I want to say thankyou to Sir @Jeff for giving us a beneficial gift and ma'am @Tiger lily for giving us this amazing University which is like a home for us.

I also want to say thankyou to my tutors @Mary Jacyand@Kemmy B for giving us all the guidelines which helped us for graduation .

My fellow tutor is also really hard working girl, Thankyou @Remy Hargreaves.

I want to say thanks to our Dean @Zizy Mena for selecting my name in the dean's list and how can i forget my ex-tutor @kenechukwu Ezeme. Thankyou so much for always being so kind with me, you are a true helper.

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Saman Aslam
07 Feb

Congratulations dear. You are very talented and good writer. You deserve it.  These points give you special pleasure and happiness. Best of luck for more success dear 


07 Feb

VeRy VerY COnGrATuLaTIons ...Dear...HappY To see this...MAy All Success You in EverY Field Of ur Life...Stay HappY ..this is All Bcz of You HardworK at This PlatfOrmmm...Enjoy Your Day....







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