Getting your way is not the same thing as being right

So few people recognize this, so I encourage you to read it again.

Getting your way is not the same thing as being right

Yet, here we are, in a world full of cancel culture and social media propaganda that has people believing they are the same. The thing is, if you think that getting your way makes you right, then NOT getting your way makes you wrong.

And the ego hates being wrong. For most people, being wrong triggers self-worth wounds and the fear of not being enough.

Being wrong is too painful.

So we have to be right.

And that means we have to get our way.

We have to see our Presidential candidate win.

We need to see the celebrity get “cancelled”.

We must unfollow and block people on social media if they disagree.

If these things happen, we feel right. We feel justified. If they don’t, and we feel wrong, well... look around.

If you wonder why people seem to be more vehement than ever about their opinions, here it is. If you’ve been observing people get more defensive, angry, and violent around their beliefs, now you know why. Most of it is simply fear expressed in various forms.

YOU think you’re right. Most of the time at least. That’s human nature. But right about what? The HOW? Or the WHY?

Let your why be love. Find the values you associate with love like honesty, compassion, integrity, and kindness. Stand for those in every moment, in every conversation. Not because it makes you right, but because it will call in more of it.

Let the HOW be up for interpretation. Your way is not THE way. It’s just one way.

This open minded attitude will create safety for others to express.

This expression will open the door to deeper connection.

This connection will bring more love into your life.

And with more love exuding from your every cell, you’ll be surprised at how often you get your way.



12 Oct

It true now days many want to force their opinion on others , the feel their beliefs is more superior. 


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