Zizy Mena Zizy Mena
07 May
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Joseph Dare 3 weeks ago

Nice meeting you babe...menh you are hotter than 🔥.... My heart is skipping right now.

Zizymena ..  after buying a private jet from uptrennd, would take you round the world

Good Autobiography...

Ndianabasi Tom 3 weeks ago

It's been a pleasure meeting her. She's good vibes

Sharif Khan 3 weeks ago

They are really good. It's a lot of fun to meet them

Zizy Mena 3 weeks ago

Yes Joseph. Once I buy a private jet I will send you a special invite and I will take you wherever you wish to go

Sharif Khan 3 weeks ago

Friend, I also want you to send me an invitation so that I can travel the world on a jet plane.

Khalid Hussain Jakhro 3 weeks ago

take me also i will work you like a bodyguard as a brother.

Junaid Ali 3 weeks ago

Take me also where you go i will work.with pilot😁

Hania Nawaz 3 weeks ago

Hey where All of you are going?  Don't forget me please. I'm an engr I am needed 😂

Sharif Khan 3 weeks ago

You are absolutely right

Saleem Ullah 3 weeks ago

no doubt you beautiful  so cooperative amd creative zizy.... What a way to introduce  yourself 

You introduce youself briefly.Now I know everything very well.

So great 

Zizy Mena 3 weeks ago

Hahahaha I introduced briefly but you know everything. You are wonderful

Saleem Ullah 3 weeks ago

Hahahahahahaha I can't stop laughing

Naijacryptogirl . 3 weeks ago

@Tino,This is the baby oku of the platform you told me about . I am not suprised she is beautful. Hardworking girls are always beautful . Keep it up sis ,I am following your footsteps. How I wish i did not abandon my account for good 2 months, I won't be struggling to level up by now

Precious Francis 3 weeks ago

You got that right.

I just so much love her.

Infact I draw almost all my inspirations from her, such a great role model she is.

Tomiwa AS 3 weeks ago

Well @Naijacryptogirl, its better late than never

TeeKingTV - The Newbie School 3 weeks ago

The baby oku that we know in street is a dry gin... It brings the best swagger in man. Especially when taken with some kwaleh weed 😂 😂 

Ndianabasi Tom 3 weeks ago

I'm trying to follow her footsteps too. She's a real fighter

Zizy Mena 3 weeks ago

You are so beautiful too even more beautiful than me and you are also hardworking I believe . Well you may have abandoned your account but now you are back so do not have any regrets but make good use of being back to achieve more 

Precious Francis 3 weeks ago


Are you related to the musician Orezi?

Funnily and almost commonly, we get our nicknames from our friends some draw the nicknames from our original names, some draw them from our character.

I'm Igbo but permit me to name my daughter "Orezimena".

Zizy Mena 3 weeks ago

No dear, I am not related to him but we are of same tribe 

Asafem Concept 3 weeks ago

Beautiful post like the beautiful being behind the writeup,  I think now I know your real name and a little about you.

Don't be surprised when I call you by your name in the future.

Lest I forget to add this, that guy is someone you can't forget, at least the mention of the name Zizy will bring back his memories.

Zizy Mena 3 weeks ago

Hehehe well now you know my name so I won't be surprised. I will never forget him. He has made history with me 







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