Genuine love

​You may have seen and experience some measure of love from your earthly parents and others around you and it meant alot to you and you feel so special at times when you are shown some level of this love.

​God made us for his pleasure for us to serve and worship him but there is something strange about this creator 's love for us, after all the purpose he made us for, he fell in love that he can't undo for man the creature he made to serve him, looking at it from a human point of view it is not normal but he is God he does love us from the depth of his heart.

​Just imagine  for a second the angels and the seraphim s passing and they saw God so quite and ask him what are  you thinking about great  master and  God will answer and said man am thinking about man my love, they will be like haba God ( perplexed ) and say ,what is man God that you are mindful of him, man that is from dust and the father will be like  you have  not seen anything yet, the same man that disobey me and ran away from my presence I will go down and die to restore him to his position.

​I strongly believe that all the heavenly being still wonders till date what man did to God for him to love him upto the extend of dying for him, this dimensions of love is so strange , imagine  when you wrong God he will forgive you when you ask and  act as if you never wrong him before.

love in it purest form is with God and he is the only one who can work that love through us to others,  you think you are loving without him you fool yourself try to be loving including him in the equation you will experience what true love is, you will taste of it and there will be contentment and fulfilment.

​Only through God can we love genuinely, outside of him  your love is earthly and carnal.




Endeme Tariah
25 Feb

The love of God is unfailing and genuine...he loved us even in our sinful state...Gods love is the greatest.


Idoko Joseph Adoyi
26 Feb

Not because God is God but any one else that have this pattern of love will still be known as the best being God made it perfect for every one to emulate.


preview not available Betty Ozemoje
25 Feb

God is love. His love is far above that of man. Have asked myself severally why he loves me so dearly. His love is beyond measure and its unconditional. 


Idoko Joseph Adoyi
26 Feb

The things man did to God that made him love us this much ,when we go to heaven me I wit ask him .

this love can be manufacture anywhere else but in God ,and God made it so wonderful that the love can only flow through him to us


preview not available Adelan o
25 Feb

If he could send his only son to die for us, what such love can we ask for. He is actively on our matter 24/7 so we must never doubt, those who seek him will find him.


Idoko Joseph Adoyi
26 Feb

Oh oh oh I love this line " He is actively on our matter 24/7";

God is always on my matter 24 hours what a blessing and and precious way of proofing your love to someone







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