Gardening And Results

I have made a post regarding my hobby already. My work is to take online classes, read topics of my homework, work on uptrennd and UU assignments , serving time for my parents and after that is my hobby. 

I love to cultivate plants and vegetables in my home. Recently I cultivated many vegetables including ginger. 

I had been taking care of my Jujube tree for three years and now it is loaded with many black fruit which are still immature. The seed which I cultivated was of great quality and the fruit were lengthy. But the fruit of my tree are going to be round. 

Let's see another fruit which is in my house and you have to guess it via pole. Let's have some fun...

What is the name of the fruit above?

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Kareem Khan
20 Nov

Inded,Gardening is one of great hobby.It is good that this is your hobby.Once we planting the samall plant after some moth when we saw that plant is become a tree we become internaly very happy becouse this result if our hard work....


Bilal Ahmed
20 Nov

WOW. ,... What a great job


Hasnain Khan
20 Nov

Yes dear gardening is fruitful hobby.

It takes time to grow but after bearing fruits as result invester gets much profit.

Here in pol i have voted mountain grape and i think it is.

But mountain grapes doesn't need investment or it doesn't comes in gardening.


Mubasher Mahdi
20 Nov

Let's think wether it is a fruit or not. Might be possible I am playing game with you people. Lol 😂😂😆. I stated we should have a fun. Let's have a fun and you are not good 


Wajeeha Attiq
27 Nov

It's jujube in your house


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