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Since the very beginning of mankind, change has been constant, particularly in the technology. Interestingly, some people had been able to predict the technological changes which actually happened in the times after their predictions. For a long time, people like S. Jobs have been envisioning the future technological changes quite accurately. However, such predictions do not always actualize. We shall justify this by discussing how certain predictions have turned into the vivid reality, considering the example of Orwell`s famous novel, 1984. Furthermore, we analyse and describe the dramatic technological changes in business, which have been brought in the last 20 years, as well as what trends to expect in the next 20 years.

In early June 2013, the Guardian reported the global surveillance program of the NSA, and from there on, a never ending series of disclosures started – thanks to E. Snowden who set this chain of events in motion by leaking the sensitive data. An article, published on June 2013, just a few days after the leaks, draws a comparison between the G. Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four and the NSA surveillance program. Nineteen Eighty-Four was a haunting description of G. Orwell’s prophecy about future. The novel depicts an autocratic state where the only truth is what “Big Brother” says. Big Brother is a metaphor for the authoritarian government in the novel, “he is watching us”, and can even read the minds of those who are under his rule. Through this unlimited ability to control the thought process, the government maintains its hold. One can possibly draw a line between the novel and what happened in 2013. Is 2013 the new “1984?”

The author of the article gives a weak “no” to this idea, and we agree with him. The regime of “1984” was more interested in controlling thought process rather than focusing on crime detection and prevention. Private lives was kept under scrutiny by the regime in the novel not to prosecute criminals, but to dispose of people who were thinking other than what Big Brother wanted them to think. However, this is not the case for the NSA. The agency is more interested in detecting acts of terrorism and monitoring people who might commit such crimes. By no means, the NSA is as powerful as Big Brother and we do not think that the NSA can become another Big Brother. However, as the author points out, we must not ignore this invasion of our privacy. Another thing the author points out is that, in his novel, even love was not out of reach of the regime. Consequently, we conclude that this prediction has not become the reality. Love is a private affair and is out of reach of the present-day government.

Moving on to the specific field of business, changes here are no less dramatic. The last 20 years have entirely changed the way of doing business; most of these changes can be attributed to the Internet. 20 years ago the Internet was in its initial stages, and then it rapidly evolved and has taken the product and services into the homes of customers. It has accelerated the reaction time and brought together the world on one single platform. In coming 20 years, the same Internet is going to revolutionize how we interact with machines. For example, the machines would be able to deliver goods directly to the customer as they would automatically notice any shortage. The other thing that may revolutionize the business field is probably the “Internet of Things”. Due to the impact of advancements in the information technology, today a lot of human labour is still involved in the production processes, which is expected to be reduced with the help of IOT. This technology is not just going to change how products are designed, it might change the entire business models themselves.

In his article, the author draws a parallel between George Orwell’s 1984, in which Orwell describes the totalitarian regime controlling the thought process of people, and the present-day issue of the NSA. In my opinion, this prediction has failed to materialize into reality. Additionally, we discussed how the Internet, as the most dramatic technology since the 1990s, has changed the way how business is conducted by providing entrepreneurs with the online market. In the coming years, business landscape is going to undergo dramatic changes because of the IOT just as it happened 20 years ago.

The article was conducted by Robert Cooper, an academic writer on https://123helpme.org/articles/classification/ 







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