From known to unknown

They have to serve themselves for the protection of their motherland;

They put aside their emotions and intentions for their own family;

Here starts the journey;

From known to the unknown;

No one remembers their birthday:

Only their family know the silence and obligations;

Behind each phrase; I am on the duty!

From known to the unknown;

They neither miss the lavish lifestyle

Not they miss their family

They miss their friends who have got the rank of martyr

Before them and achieved the higher rank in Heaven

From known to the unknown;

They never look at their youthful;

Nor at the happy life they led before;

Their aim to safeguard the nation

Against the interior and outward glimpse

Which the enemy will exhibit;

But will not succeed if the protectors would be alive

Neither if they are dead;

Because their spirit will yet save the 🇵🇰

They are defenders of Islam

They are the defenders of Pakistan

They have chosen the tag of unidentified

We love you all❤

These lines are specially dedicated to the defense forces of Pakistan; we all are taking a breath just because of your sacrifices. I belong to a military family, and I know very well the circumstance that military family has to face, their faces have no faces they can neither halt their loved one to stop serving the motherland not they attempt to show their emotions and care. Our lives are the most precious ones and we can't sacrifice them on a single slogan but indeed these are the soldiers whose first ans foremost love is country. They breathe because they have to serve, their emotions and intention are always related to the country. I don't have further words to describe my love and respect for these brave souls.

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Usman Khalid Rana
16 Apr

Incredible words.....

Undoubtedly their efforts can't be described by words but you did an explanation for those warriors


Ayesha Malik
16 Apr

So true the freedom and liberty today we all are enjoying is the demonstration of the sacrifices that have been given by them.


Abdul Qadir
16 Apr

soldiers sacrifice their everything even there family for us whom we are unknown only for their motherland we salute them for everything they did for us 


Amjad Ali Waince
16 Apr

Lovely lines with absolute certainty of love for our heroes on borders. Our soldiers are our pride. They sacrifices their most prestigious thing for the country , for us. All other things had no value best them when question about the integrity , sovereignty and dignity of the home land. 

Salute to our soldiers!


Ayesha Malik
16 Apr

Indeed they are our pride,

Their role in making the country glorious and grand is beyond the description.

Thanks for your words brother.


Saviour Essien
16 Apr

This are the set of people that are actually doing their best  for the country to everyone sacrificing a whole lot to protect & serve us.


Ayesha Malik
16 Apr

Exactly their sacrifices in maintaining the peace of the country are appreciable.


Jonathan Rojas
16 Apr

What I have always applauded about the special security forces is when they are legal and clean, that is, when they care about protecting the population and not being just another enemy.

And I can appreciate through his poetry that this security force lives to protect people and not to kill them as unfortunately happens in many countries, including my country Venezuela, here there is an abuse of power that is too strong, but it does not matter, there is a God who does not abandon us.

And as for their defenders in Pakistan, they deserve all the honors. ;-)


Ayesha Malik
17 Apr

Sad to know this:

There are positive ans negative aspects of power, one can use it for the Benefit of his country or for exterminating their interest.

Thankfully we are blessed with loyal and dedicated defense forces.

In your case, I would make a pray that may all the clouds of brutal conditions would be taken off forever.

Thanks for admiring my work ☺







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