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Dear people,

                     My parents always told me that I should obey elders. I did as I was told and here I am writing this letter to all of you. Felt the need that you should know what you did to me. 

        I'm sorry, I cared too much about what you had to say about me or my family or my friends. I'm sorry I get triggered too easily as I don't have that energy to deal with it peacefully. I'm sorry I cry on little things. I'm sensitive. Please be gentle with me. I can't take all your harsh words or your hurtful actions. 

You have no idea how I deal with it by bawling my eyes out every night. You have no idea how you comparing me with other kids make me feel like I'm worthless. The way you laughed on me when I failed and I accidentally said that I wanna die. The way you scolded me when I said "suicide" as if it was a curse word.

         But amongst  everything, I'm sorry if I had to prove that to you how you've hurt me in numerous ways by committing suicide. I didn't wanna die but the pain was beyond my endurance or maybe I didn't have that energy to ignore all your "sayings". Now don't fake tears when you'll come at my grave saying "wish you were here", cause when I was with you, you didn't care.

Not a happy but the only "Goodbye" I could say.



  The person who cares



Fatima Joyo
26 Jan

It's written not with words this contain all the feelings and emotions people don't think before speak they don't know their cruel words hit directly on heart no matter who we are rich or poor good or bad if we can not give respect love equality to eachother we are not humans... these words hit on heartūüíĒ


M.A Khan
26 Jan

Really sad ūüėĒ @HaMid ÔŅĹ. I can feel the pain when no one give importance to us. Yes everyone has his own place but people and our society never understand this. Yeah there are many fake people that are with us just for the sake of their own profit. Hope that you will control your emotions and never take any step which will be the worst action.


Dushka Aziz
26 Jan

Ahhhh its a very sad.. But why you need to write this painfull letter... Sucide is haram in our islam.. So be carefull.and dont loss hope.. Ups and downs are part of our life.. So dont be relax..


Hameed khan
26 Jan

oh no bro you have written too much sad emotion. No doubt people force a man to for death and then regret on it


Fawad Akhtar
26 Jan

Very upset dear,, i dont knows what's the matter dear,,i have noticed that your poetry is also full of pains,, i think you are in a deep love with someone,,, 


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