Friendship is one word that fascinates and most times when you have the right people end up being the best. It's possible you have just one friend and that friend sees you through a lot. And at the same time it's possible you have more than one and the you allow stick together through all. 

 Imagine looking right at each others faces and then you both start laughing. Why? Cause something happened that took you both on a memory lane and you looked at each other and laughed knowing you both thought of the same things. 

 The bond friends share is one to be amazed about. When they've gotten to be with each other for a long time, they don't need to say some things before they understand what they mean, there are things they wouldn't expect a normal person to do but only their friends to know that about them. 

 Friendship has its good sides as much as it has its bad. And I wish more people could see the Joy that comes from having one true and genuine friend. 

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 A friend that's always there and you're always there for. One that always sees you through good and bad times. One that smokes with you and you smile with them. 

 Isn't that something to think about?

Do you have a best friend? And do you remember how you both met? It's always a good memory to go back to and smile when oh remember and see how you both were so naive and didn't have the mind that you'd get to be that close. 

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 What can you say about having a best friend? And is it safe to call you my friend? 🤭


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Anthony Eri
12 Nov

A true friend is a blessing that must be nurtured and cherished. A true friend understands you completely and wishes the best from you and YES,, you are my friend Aniss.


Aniss Emma
12 Nov

That's the main Quality a friend has really. Always has good plans for you. You just can't call someone a friend when he/she doesn't have good impacts towards you. 

I'm glad to see you're regarding me as your friend. You know you're mine too though 🤭


Joseph James
12 Nov

Having a best friend means everything. 

We meet people and get along together so quick

The memories are always cool 


Aniss Emma
12 Nov

They sure are and they just can't be compared to anything. I'm always happy to see my friends around cause I know when they are then a lot of things will change and things will become more lively and more free too. Why? Cause they're my friends and that's what friends do.


Chudi Otti
12 Nov

True friendship is magic. The bond joining the friends together is not explainable. You always know that someone has gone your back; in both the happy and the sad moments.


Aniss Emma
12 Nov

That feeling you have when your true friends are around is just overwhelming. You'll feel free and even when there are things you're to worry about you'll always know your friends are there to hold you up. That alone is just enough to say friends are amazing. I hope your friends can say the same thing about you?


Mukhtiar Ahmed
12 Nov

True Friends Are Actually A Blessing From God. A Friend Who Is There For You And Helps You When You're In Trouble Is Far Better Than Bunch Of Friends Who Do Nothing To Help You Out.

The Bond That One Shares With Friends Is Sometimes More Than Blood Relations. 

Because You Don't Get To Chose Your Siblings But You Choose Your Own Friends Which Makes It A Special Bond.


Aniss Emma
12 Nov

Wow. I never thought of it this way really. And I'm realizing it now that the bond truly is more than relations. They're always close and always free to share whatever it is to they went through as long as they're free with each other.


Ragnar Lothbrok
12 Nov

As they say, a real friend who walks in when the whole world walks out.

A real never leaves in difficult moments, a friend in need is a friend indeed.

We've been rolling for awhile now, you can see me as a friend 🤝🤝


Aniss Emma
12 Nov

Yes o. Those ready to stay with you through all and always happy to keep you company and keep making you happy. They're just the best and you can't trade them for anything. 







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