Friends forever

Hi buddies 

I hope you are all good and safe in your homes using uptrennd.

 friend is a person who is not less than a sibling or a family member. You have seen many quotes about true and loyal friends 

But tell me how many people fit in those quotes  do you have any best friend who is more than a lifeline. Just like a soulmate

I have a friend who's love is beyond this world our friendship is like a fantasy..

A best friend is a person who can see your hidden pain in your smile..

This world see your smile but you nest friend knows how much you are sad and he always tries to cheerup you when ever you feel sad..

Mostly people laugh at you tease you when you fail or when you can't be successful but their is 1 person who always encourages you who always stand with you in every situation because he believes in your abilities he knows you more than you know yourself.

You can't hide anything from friend he knows all your secrets which are hidden from you parents and always supports you.


Many people become jealous when they see two loyal and true best friends and try to spread misunderstandings between them but if they both are real best friends they will never listen to other people because they have strong trust between them. 

People will never encourage you to make good relationships either it is love or your best buddies. 

These are some of the qualities which i found in loyal and best friend this friendship is not less than a treasure if you have these qualities in your best friend then you are very lucky and blessed person.

I don't know you personally so, I have question for all of you who is your best friend on uptrennd and do you have any message for him or her. 

 Regards : Kamran akbar 




Abdur Razzaq
27 Oct

Today we were discussing the current patterns of the friendship.

We were emphasising that there is no such friendship which is without the reason or purpose behind it.

There are very fewest examples which are really loyal and cooperative friends but majority bonding of friendship are without loyalty and based on some types of expectations.😏


I have two friend on Uptrennd and both were choosing me as their racer for the Marathon announced  by the tiger lily but 

When I see towards their hands their hands are booked now.

And I am single one behind the closed doors 😣😣😣 

That's why at least; I have no trust on friendship that is without loyalty ...😄😎


Mahnoor DanisH
27 Oct

That's bad. 

If they were your friends they must not do that. 

Hehehe people have their own choices, @Muhammad Tahir Latif told me about your wife so I did not choose you as my racer. I am afraid of her 🤣


Muhammad Tahir Latif
27 Oct

That's is bad @Abdur

You are good person and my friend on uptrennd. The assignments need time and directions but not anything that someone else will do your work.

Don't be sad. You are good racer and appeared in the contest after the race is end.


Abdur Razzaq
27 Oct

Thanks for compliments 

You are right that I am good person 😎😍

I am not so sad ....

But my some friends are bad enough 😏😏😏


Abdur Razzaq
27 Oct

Yes they are really bad .....



Believe me she is not a good wristler💪🤜🤛👊😉

He misleaded you


Mahnoor DanisH
27 Oct

He didn't mislead me hahaha 

We care for you 💞 and your relationship so giving you time. 


Mahnoor DanisH
27 Oct

Thank you for explaining. 

He was doubting you and me 😪


Muhammad Ali
27 Oct

Yes, Kamran has posted very nice and beautiful

About the best true and loyal friend

Surely a true friend knows your troubles behind you

And he knows your instincts behind your smile

I also have a friend like this

He supports me in my senses and in my life

And encourages me in my failures

And we both sit for 1 hour and 7 hours every day after Isha prayers

And the seven share their sorrows


BGold Ola
27 Oct

Hmm! I have many friends here on uptrennd and I have the best one, we share ideas together, asking next step to take. I'm talking about @Okafor Ladyv


muhammad waseem Iqbal
27 Oct

I have seen many friends in my life but some are just with me only for time pass and some are really sincere with me who support me in my difficult time when Iam towards the failure there support lead me towards the success and that are my true friends who just change my life,My best friend on uptrennd is my cousin inamullah khan who always support me and we are study together from start and try to help each other in our difficult time

no doubt everyone fell jealous to see true friends together ,Its very common things in everywhere ,just depand on the mind of the people how they fell about others 


Abdullah Khan
27 Oct

For long time friendship required two main things first one is sincerity and the second one is clearance of each partner and my favourite friend at uptrennd platform is Amjad Ali and my message for amjad Ali is that please go with us for Sunday Trip 


Suny Ag
27 Oct

Very few, I must say most people that you find in your list of friends are good to go as long as you are in a happy phase, once you are in trouble, they will like they never knew you. A true friend is the one that knows you inside out and remains your friend in joy and sorrow. 







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