Friend Zoned? Stay Good Friends

I can tell you how it is possible:

Anyone who has ever had a breakup knows that this is a hard feeling. But sometimes when both partners are sensible, they can maintain a friendship even after breaking up. If everything is not going well in the relationship, then couples see no alternative but a breakup.

Yes, it's sad even to think that the person who loved you so much until yesterday, but now you can no more share your feeling with them. But why not? It is a wonderful thing that our present generation is very practical that thinks differently in this serious matter.

Any relationship can end for any reason, so why cringe about something that's no more there.

Changing the way the young lot is thinking

If no one fits in the role in your life, then it does not mean that it will not fit in the other role either. My 24 YO Suzie is so comfortable with his ex and they still share many things with each other which is a wonderful feeling in itself. He comes to Suzie in the same way for any of his problems. Even the new girlfriend of her ex expresses her feeling with her openly.

“We have had a breakup,” says Suzie. Because some things did not go well, but I knew he will always give me the right advice, and I do not feel uncomfortable in his company as a friend so why not? He is my good and true friend. My family still trusts him ‘

Here’s how to make your ex your best friend

Today we see so many love affairs going sore, and that’s not a problem anymore but if you go for a breakup and still stay friends what better than that. Even after a breakup, you can still be a friend of someone whom you loved for a long time with a lot of care for them.

It can be difficult a situation in some cases, but there are some ways in which you can stay as a friend of your ex. You will not find it too hard or strange, just give it a try and see how it works for you. For example-

The reason for the breakup is not always that you made a mistake. Sometimes something happens that the relationship does not work. Learn to let go of a relationship that cannot go on. Do not tell each other’s mistakes but forget them.

Forget what happened, forgive each other. If you argue during the breakup discussion, the situation will get worse. The bitterness between you two will increase, so why argue for something that will give you nothing in return but more pain.

It takes a lot of effort to maintain relationships. But if it's on the verge of a breakup, do not think about how much time you wasted on it. You will waste much more to save it and yet not successful so let it go. You will probably feel bad about this suggestion but let it go.


The need for better understanding

The best way to keep good relations even after a breakup is to understand each other and remain as friends. You already know each other, don’t you? So do not stop supporting each other’s during hard times but stay as friends nothing more, nothing less.

Don’t break your friendship immediately after the breakup. Give yourself some time and start focusing on the important things by keeping control of your emotions and do not cry again with your head on the same shoulder, because Shakespeare also said that hope is the root of all sorrows.

The relationship is over, you are unhappy, be unhappy, refuse to mourn as much. Until you cry, cry. After that, go out with your friends and do not talk about any breakup. Do not text or call your ex immediately, let them think before separating for good.

Do not find any boyfriend or girlfriend in a hurry. Keep thinking sensibly like a mature person maybe you come back on old ways.

Engage yourself in the activities that you always wanted to do but could not because of this relationship. I guess you were too busy but nothing gainful.

Are you longing to go back to your ex? Go to them, go, but not as an ex but as a friend! Before taking this big step, think twice about why you want to go back to your ex! Is this for the sake of the same friend-circle or for being in the same college or workplace?

If your chemistry with your ex is not the same as it was when you started this relationship, do not think too much. Let this relationship go. Just leave it. Your effort can hurt you if you still wish to keep it.

If you are not ready to keep this relation wholeheartedly. Just come out of it, this is a broken affair and you know it. Give it another name, the friendship!

If your partner is going out with any other person, then try to move on as fast as you can. Do not react to this, this is all over for you two. Monitor your dating pattern carefully.

If you find any changes in your partner's behavior, staying in this relationship will hurt you later. Take it positively, stay strong and try to enjoy your life as much as you can. Stay as a friend with them!


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preview not available Saqib Ajmal
20 Feb

Whether it's a friendship or we're in a relationship with someone ,Everything looks beautiful as long as we make each other happy.When we end a relationship with a human being The biggest reason behind them is that many relationships are broken due to misunderstandings.

If a person is not happy with you, leave him alone. If a person does not want to maintain a relationship with you, leave him alone because you cannot force  a person for love.❤️

Awesome article bro 😊


Suny Ag
20 Feb

That's right, you can't stay happy with enmity even with your ex, this is better yo keep cordial relations so as they say, do not become as angry that you leave no chance for a union!


preview not available Betty Ozemoje
20 Feb

Very true, you can maintain a good friendship with your ex. It requires the maturity of both parties to move past what they once have. It's not easy though. It's also depends on how the break up happened. 

Imagine if you had to break up because the other party cheated and lied to you breaking the trust you had. It will be difficult to become friends with such person. 


Suny Ag
20 Feb

That's right if a person went out of a relationship due to cheating or egoist behavior of their partner, then, of course, it's hard to maintain a friendship or any other contact but if there was a genuine reason which became the reason for the breakup, a friendship goes on. At least a person still friends with an ex doesn't find a reason to say bad things for their broken relation.


Chudi Otti
20 Feb

We might break up a romantic relationship but that doesn't mean that we would turn to enemies. We can still be friends. Throwing off bitterness and developing a deep understanding about friendship is a step in the right direction aimed at achieving this.


rabail fatima
20 Feb

Yess absolutely you're right to stay like good friends and sincere even after breakup it means that you are still pure that you don't want to loose that person's but due to many reasons you can't come close but we should stay sincere as more as you can built relation without any commitment 


Suny Ag
20 Feb

That's right, why should we lose a good friend if did not fight really badly? 


Ifiok Eso
20 Feb

Wow, what a good and nice advice. Your ex should not turn to an enemy. I know people say; i can't go back to my vomit. Your ex is not a vomit. Make peace with him or her and have a God and cordial friendship. No one knows what tomorrow may bring..


Suny Ag
20 Feb

Even if it brings nothing in the future but I don't trust in bad relations even with my enemies. Obviously, I have no enemies so the question of having bad relations with any of my friends/ex-friends doesn't arise.







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