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🍚 Fresh Peas Rice 🍚

Hello Uptrenndian, 

🌼Happy weekend 🌼

Hopefully, you are enjoying the weekend with your beloved families.

Today again welcome to Soni's Kitchen. Today I cooked the yummiest dish which is also my favourite. Today I cooked the fresh peas rice in our language we called choliya. Fresh peas are the seasonal vegetables that we see only one month. 

Dip the rice into the water. 

Firstly fry the onion into the oil. Now I add the garlic and ginger paste and again fry. Now add the salt red chilly as you require. Now add the one cup water and add the fresh peas and cook until the fresh peas become soft. Now the water. When water boil adds the gram masala and adds the rice and cook. When the water of rice becomes dry so so leave this 5 minutes on low flame.  

Now my rice is ready to eat. 

I hope you like this. 

Thanks for your time.

Image source: these pictures took on my cell phone.  



Madiha Jamil
10 Apr

Peas ruce are one of my favorite dish. Its easy to make and it takes only 20 mins to cook. Thnx for sharing.


Soni Rajput R
10 Apr

Yes, many people like this.


Atanda Davido
10 Apr

Always serving us the best food we could only imagine, this is good food from the look of it, thanks for sharing with us


Adetola Muheez
10 Apr

Hmmmm...this looks super tasty,looks like no pepper was added at all to it.

Pea rice indeed


Soni Rajput R
10 Apr

I add red chilly. Thank you for your appreciation.


Marina Nawaz
10 Apr

waoooow these are looking so tasty dear I'm so hungry now can you please give one plate of this tasty rice😋😋🙈


Soni Rajput R
10 Apr

No doubt this is very yummy. You cook and taste . 


Zulfiqar Ali Samoo
10 Apr

Once again, Sonic Kitchen, Pea Biryani is a delicious dish that we made today, while having lunch, eating salad with your own, your handmade pea biryani will be quite delicious and delicious, I just say the words. Explain, your kitchen will still grow, and we will continue to explore ways to cook new foods. 


Soni Rajput R
10 Apr

Thank you for the compliments. I always try to share all which I cook in the kitchen. 


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