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Free Transportation or cheap death? Echoes of poverty!

Image: An Overcrowded Train ride: June 22, 2017

I wrote an article close to this on Steemit few years ago, as I was surfing through my LinkedIn page, I came across this less-shocking image, maybe not so shocking to me and maybe a few considering the degree of poverty we have seen and experienced. Be that as it may, anyone that have been living a privileged life(safe country, availability of basic amenities, security) would cringe seeing people attached to the external part of a moving train just to get to their desired destination because its free. The image is disturbing as well as thought provoking no doubt, its like extreme poverty makes people defy death.

Truth is, this seems like fun to the people on that train, heck i have attached to truck backs and lorries too to get to and from my school in highschool. However, poverty is not really fun, especially when the things you need to survive are not available to you. It is appalling and cruel, grotesque and death bound. The lack of basic things(food, clothing, materials) makes people all over the world look for alternatives and cheap things which are death traps, the statistics of people dying off trains like this in my country Nigeria and India, with some other countries says it all even though these figures or catastrophes do not make it to mainstream media.

Regardless of the deathly hallows of poverty, a very deadly disease with no cure, nobody has to risk their lives as seen in the image. The sad truth is that, irrespective of how poor someone is, death is an irrevocable process, when we die; then all hope of getting out of poverty dies along too with the body hence all hope is vanquished. 

The cover photo was taken in Bangladesh India, from the caption, these folks were going home to celebrate the end of Ramadan, that's the end of Muslim fasting period few years back, its a yearly occurrence and only the heavens knows those who will make it home and back on that perilous train ride to meet their loved ones.

You would see similar view in Oshodi Lagos State Nigeria, West Africa where passengers climb on moving trains because they do not have money to pay for transportation and some who wants to rationalize the little they have, hence they prefer to take risk rather than pay for the inner coaches.

On several occasions, people have lost their footing while struggling to get on a moving train and they fell headlong with his skull shattering on hitting the metals of the rail tracks.

And it happens that its not Just in my country these crazy thing take place, again in another country it's happening and i feel so sad from the depth of my heart. It is an horrifying experience because the Trains always moved on without minding who fell off or who survives.

As the Ramadan kick starts again this year, my heart goes to my Muslims brothers and friends on the chain. As fun as this could look to some people, I would never wish anyone die while looking for free things(transportation, food, clothing), I rather wish people hold on to their lives and hope for the best this season and always. Happy Ramadan!




Tayyab Ali
11 Apr

Poverty keeps us alive in this society and we meet with alot of adventures in this life.

Even when we have a limited moneto go somewhere but we don't want to pay fare to rickshaw driver ,we seek the person who can give lift to us and move us to our desired place without any fare


Captain Philips
12 Apr

I'll stay strong will keeps us alive and not poverty Tayyab...


Amjad Ali Waince
11 Apr

Poverty is big issue around the globe. But going risk own life for saving some penny is really a dangerous thing. We should pray for our brothers for their safe life on holy occasions.

Thank you so much dear Captain for kind wishes for us on special Holy month Ramadan. May Almighty Allah bless you more dignity and respect.


Captain Philips
11 Apr

Amen and amen dear sir, have a wonderful week ahead.


Mr.Oxman Oxi
11 Apr

Sometimes we don't see the results of our little mistake due to poverty we lost our lives and sometimes we don't have any idea how many lost we get 

Being a human it's not our control sometimes our mint and negative thinking cause this type cheap ways 


Captain Philips
12 Apr

And I'll like to add hopelessness, that's why people emabark on risks like this.


Samuel Isin
11 Apr

I see poverty in two forms , it either a person is financially or mentally poor. Its better to be financially poor because there is hope than to be mentally poor.


Captain Philips
12 Apr

Hmm, this is a powerful statement. Mental poverty seems the end of the rabbit hole, that is why most people don't think outside the box in the name of been poor.


preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
11 Apr

It is amazing, how people risk their lives in order to save some money, if these people obtained a sufficient salary, surely they would not risk their lives and pay their normal transportation service properly.


Captain Philips
12 Apr

Oh yes, the lack of standard wages or even means of likelihood is the reason why most of them are on that risky train ride.







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