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Free traffic for affiliate marketers - a tremendous opportunity

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MrMvST ' 4 days ago

Do you have stats for the traffic you send?

Not all traffic is equal.

I will check out the articles as well.

You peaked my interest with 'keyword staking' 


Presearch Team 4 days ago

Good question actually, I just typed a reply but it doesn't seem it came through. Basically what I mentioned was: initially you'll be able to see impressions and clicks of your ad.

General traffic statistics on specific keywords / traffic we don't have, as we don't save user data. Though, similarwebs shows we have 10M monthly visits. We've worked hard on creating 'good traffic' as in legitimate users (no bots, token farmers). We have an anti-abuse system in place that punishes users that simply search to earn PRE tokens for doing so.

If you're advertising on a keyword that is related to your service / product what so ever, then you can be pretty sure the traffic has a direct interest in your ad.

Lucas S 4 days ago

The traffic is huge and growing every day! I think the affiliate marketing could be a big game changer for smaller businesses and larger alike. Great to see the growth and use for Presearch!

Busola Akinlolu 4 days ago

Great impression from the traffic, thanks for the information and would have love you make those post directly here :)

Luke Brenland 4 days ago

I would be interested to try this myself when its ready tbh! will have to get myself more some pre though!

Godwin Imafidor 4 days ago

Brilliant initiatives, keep them coming

Athar Saleem 4 days ago

That's great opportunity in terms of affiliate staking and the end result is free advertising onto pre platform. So, the biggest pre staker would be a winner and beneficiary.







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