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What Is Putty?

There are many ways to establish a secure SSH connection via Putty to a Linux-based server. The majority and the most basic method out there is using the username and password authentication.

 However, this is prone to dictionary attack via brute force, that’s why sites like AWS (Amazon Web services) and some others uses Public and Private key exchange.

 If you need to connect to a server that only accepts public keys for SSH connection this is a step-by-step tutorial on how to use PuTTY to establish a secure connection via Public keys. 

The idea is to let the server store a public key, and your computer (PuTTY) client will provide a private key to the server for authentication.


assuming you already created a pair of public and private keys. You’ve already added the public keys to authorized_keys on a Linux server

you have an RSA private key as a result of the public and private key self-generated key pair

This tutorial will not convert on how to generate a pair of public and private keys. Because PuTTY doesn’t understand the id_rsa private key we need to convert the private key to a putty client format in .ppk

How to Use PuTTY?

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PuTTY comes with an easy-to-use interface. While the configuration options can be confusing for beginners, the program has a simple panel.

You can conveniently customize and manage sessions and connections in the terminal window.

Additionally, you can choose from different connection types, including SSH, rlogin, raw, telnet, SFTP, etc. This lets you set up logging options for specific sessions accordingly. 

Where can you run PuTTY?

Developed by Simon Tatham, the latest version of PuTTY has been designed for multiple operating systems.

While the program was originally developed for Windows computers, you can use it on Windows Mobile, Symbian, Windows Phone, and more. Official ports are also available for Unix-like machines.

Recently, the application was released for macOS. You can also use the fork form versions of the program, such as KiTTY, which prove to be a good choice.

Developers around the world use terminal applications to connect to operating systems remotely. If you’re a network engineer, system administrator, or developer, PuTTY for Windows will prove to be a great choice.

While the program doesn’t have support for a scripting language, it comes with powerful features, multiple configuration options, cross-platform support, and other benefits.

The perfect choice for developers

The puTTY download is a great choice. If you’re looking for a terminal application, PuTTY is a useful app for setting up a connection between a Windows computer and a Linux system.

This software is useful for connecting to routers, switches, and mainframes. It uses SSH, serial, and telnet connections effectively.

For developers working with X11 networks, PuTTY is an ideal choice to tunnel the sessions with SSH. This protects the data being transferred over the network.

A puTTY is a good tool for developers looking to build basic connections. The program comes with a wide range of features allowing IT professionals to securely connect Windows PCs to Linux systems.

The cross-platform support ensures you don’t need to use multiple terminal applications for the task. Having said that, if you have more demanding needs, such as scripting language, additional protocols, etc., you could consider MobaXterm, ConEmu, or WinSCP







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