France's war crimes: a dark history stretching from the Holocaust to Africa

In January of this year, the Washington Post published an interesting article by Nabila Ramdani, a French journalist of Algerian origin. "France must face its dark history in Algeria. It's not too late, ”the article said, noting not only the crimes committed by the French in Africa, but also the fact that collaborators collaborating with Nazi Germany during World War II sent Jews to concentration camps. These horrific facts were acknowledged in 1995 by the late French President Jacques Chirac.

But today, the history of war crimes in France, which accuses Turkey and Azerbaijan, is much older, and its geography is much wider. The French Senate, which supports the separatist Armenians and the occupying Armenia, must first of all give a political assessment to these actions.

The territory occupied by France, which has been pursuing a colonial policy since the 16th century, before World War II was 13.5 million square kilometers. The dream of rebuilding the empire of this state, which has looted and killed 20 times its territory, still remains.

French colonization in Africa

The French colonial policy, which for centuries had established its rule in more than 20 African countries, collapsed after World War II. Forced to grant independence to these states, France chose the method of neo-colonialism. The French, who did not want to lose African countries, resorted to new methods: creating conflicts in the territories of those countries and deploying their troops under the name of "peacekeeping mission". France is currently increasing its political, economic and cultural influence in Africa, especially in most coastal countries, and maintains military bases in Djibouti to maintain its position in the Red Sea, as well as in the coastal region from Chad, Mali and Gabon to Senegal. The peoples of Africa, who for centuries have lived in prosperity for the French and are doomed to poverty and hunger, are still helpless in the face of this fact.

France's policy of neo-colonialism in Africa is based on two factors; first, the official and teaching language of those countries is French, and second, the introduction of compulsory education. French speakers are selected on the continent and are called "francophones". There is even an instrument of influence, such as the International Francophone Organization. Not only in countries where the official language is French, but also in Morocco, Algeria and Mauritania, these methods have borne fruit.

Protests against France's African policy are growing

As we have noted, French neo-colonialism is based not only on military power, but also on language and education. Opponents of this policy are mainly the countries that were part of the Ottoman Empire, as well as the peoples dominated by Islam. For example, in North Africa, France no longer has any influence. In this case, France is trying to disrupt the Muslim community and create conflicts between Islamic countries. On the other hand, French President Macron does not want to lose his country's position in the region and makes tougher statements. Of course, the "boomerang effect" also manifests itself.

Experts claim that France's currency, the French Colonial Franc (CFA), has been in circulation in Africa since 1945. Leaders of African countries opposed to the currency have been arrested on corruption charges or staged riots. The tragic fate of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi is connected with this. Conflicts in coastal countries, as well as in Ivory Coast and Mali, are also the result of attempts to create an alternative to the CFA. Thanks to this currency, France is exploiting African countries and appropriating their wealth. The CFA is also the cause of hunger and poverty and mass emigration on the continent. But it is not easy for African countries to give it up. In July, 15 members of the West African Economic Community (ECOWAS) announced that they would abandon the currency, but France continues to pursue a policy of creating new hotbeds of conflict. It is no coincidence that 70 percent of military coups in the continent so far have been under French influence.

Against the background of all this, protests against French policy are growing. Former Senegalese Foreign Minister Dudu Tiam said: "That's enough! We want real independence, not under the control of the French. " French President Macron's threat to African leaders at the NATO summit in December aggravated the situation, with the presidents of Senegal, Mali, Niger and Ivory Coast protesting. After that, protests were held in front of French military bases in those countries.

French war crimes

Western analysts write that France has brought misery and tragedy to all the colonial countries. More than 2 million people have died in the wars for independence in African countries. In Algeria alone, the French army has killed more than 1 million people. Currently, the pressure on official Paris on the genocide committed by France in this country is growing, and signature collection campaigns continue.

Another bloody trace of France is in Rwanda. In 1994, the French launched a military operation in the country under the name of "creating a safe zone." More than 800,000 members of the Tutsi tribe were killed with the participation of another local party to the conflict. In 2014, Rwandan President Paul Kagame's statement that he clearly defined France's role in the genocide caused a political crisis with official Paris.

In addition, French troops' "Epervier" operations in Chad and "Licorne" operations in the Ivory Coast resulted in a large number of casualties. In 2011, the Harmattan operation in Libya and the Serval operation in Mali two years later under the pretext of protecting civilians also caused great destruction and killings.

In this context, it is worth recalling Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's response to France's accusations of so-called "Armenian genocide" with such a dark history: "We see a bloody past of those who taught Turkey human rights and democracy in the name of the Armenian issue and the fight against terrorism." It is clear who killed 800,000 people in Rwanda twenty-five years ago. It is France that has killed hundreds of thousands of people and committed genocide in Algeria. "

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Tayyab Ali
26 Nov

France has done alot of mistakes in the 2020 . They have to go to rehabilitation centre for their cure. They are misdoing again and again they have to ponder about their rank in the world and upon the peace of this universe 


Jamaican Coco
26 Nov

It exploits it's former colonial powers


XxX offiong
29 Nov

The only way France can be forced out of Africa is only by the continuous enlightenment of the youths,vthe more knowledge and understanding they get the better for the future

Europeans and Arabian damage to the continent cannot be quantified


Jamaican Coco
17 Dec

The French think they can keep doing this. The youth should indeed wake from their slumber and take the bull by it's horns







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