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Fourteen Reasons Why Crypto is Here to Stay, and in a BIG Way

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Olufunminiyi Ojo 4 months ago

Mass  adoption is sooner than expected where everybody would have 100% authority on his/her money

Michel Clauwaert 4 months ago

Well its a curve which goes in accelerated speed up and up.

Jarau Moses 4 months ago

These are all reason to make me have more hope in crypto. I do believe the Facebook Globalcoin coming out later this year will really have an impact on the crypto space.

Do you think the Glbalcoin will impact crypto negatively or positively??

I also see the trade war bringing in more people into crypto soon.

Thanks for this post.

Michel Clauwaert 4 months ago

will  it be this year? Do you know if they are doing an ICO?

Jeff Kirdeikis 4 months ago

I would say it would be very positive for awareness & trust.
It won't take any mcap away from the traditional crypto space, as it's offering something different.

So in my books it's a huge positive.

Jarau Moses 4 months ago

Let us all wait and see how this plays out.

Luke Brenland 4 months ago

The Halving in itself is huge and should return some big gains :) if we go by the history of the halving, it will be 2020 or 21 when we have big gains

Josh Monrreal 4 months ago

Means we have a year or 2 to accumulate

Luke Brenland 4 months ago

thats what im hoping for lol

Qamar Hussain 4 months ago

A lot of really good reasons

Michel Clauwaert 4 months ago

indeed, and there are more and more. Also the blockchaingaming is getting it's feet on the ground whiwh brings in a big public.


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